Gucci Mane just released the second edition of his Trap God” mixtape series last night, he fired shots at A$AP Ferg regarding the ti*le of Ferg’s upcoming project “Trap Lord” via Twitter.

Y’all remember Gucci Mane calling out Yo Gotti over releasing his mixtape on the same day, so you know he doesn’t play when it comes to his mixtapes. Shortly after Gucci’s tweet, Ferg decided to respond with his own message.

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  • Mo

    gucci has actually seen a trap. unlike that wack rapper ferg.

    • MoorFedayeen

      Yea man. Idk what he doing with the A$AP title after A$SAP Rocky. I thought that was wack for starts and he a NY n1gga talkin trap sh1t. He fully auto failed for that. N1ggas say what they want Gucci seem to be the only legitimate cat in the biz

      • Mister Mister

        I think Rocky’s whole team has A$AP before their names. But yeah, all them dudes is some garbage anyway. Nobody checking for no dude name Ferg

        • MoorFedayeen

          Yea I figured that. Not a smart move because you can never break away and your movement (if you get one) will run its course.

  • Shizz

    asap fergie is wack

  • G

    So its gonna be ASAP vs. Bricksquad….

  • Rock

    Gucci is super weak anyway. I prefer any one of them ASAP cats over him anyday.

  • RC

    Asap aint nothing but a bitch. period.