She dates rappers and trap stars, she is burn’t out in Phila and came to Atl for a fresh start. She is bi-se*ual and cool as hell if you got money she is your best friend. Oh ya she got I almost forgot her box is all that..Anonymous submission.

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  • maestro4983

    yea i seen her some rap videos i guess she does get around lol

  • EastBaltimoreVeteran

    She was recently out in d.c. at one of the training camp parties for the skins getting it in.. kind of look like ur girl keisha cole in the face slightly. But the tatts is always exposed. I must say she is far more sexy in person…

  • nupedingo

    She gotta be more sexy in person because she looks like a subpar beesch from the picture. She couldn’t get cheese on a whopper from me. But I must admit that groupie of the day is a great idea!

  • Philly_Jay

    EastBaltimoreVeteran yessir.. her body is crazy pic does her no justice

  • Jake

    by Dating they must mean Jumpoff, or Sidepiece, she must have a banging body need more pics of her.

  • che mack

    Yea I’m che mack google me che mack I messed wit a rapper who hasn’t I don’t kno trap stars and some friends of mine have money I ain’t complain so why are u everyone follow me on twitter and by the way I kno who posted this u must be happy

  • SMH……

  • her nam is chevante mack she is from philly ex-stripper

  • weezyiswayne609

    i seen her before. yeah her body is wetarted butta face.. thats a whole nother story


    che mack is the truth

  • showgun

    Yeah seen her in a few videos