Gracyanne Barbosa & Sheneka Adams pulled out their camera’s in the gym for photo. Sheneka’s stock has fallen lately, she has been inactive status.



Sheneka Adams

  • Realtalkin

    sheneka been MIA cos she cuffed up with some fat looking dude lol giving all them wack niccuhs hope. That 3rd pic of her is a charm though! Gracyanne can get it too.

  • President Ward

    Sheneka Adams = overrated and Gracyanne Barbosa = i’ll pass

    • almost..gracyanne is hot sauce but that’s just me.

      • seanjohn100

        ill take some gracyanne, no problem

    • Playboy69


    • Mister Mister

      As usual, I agree with the Prez

  • they both could get fed. that york dude cuffed her so that’s why we haven’t seen sheneka lately..and the bet gig,so yeah.

  • Eddie F

    Sheneka is falling off.

  • Smashing both

  • damnshame

    Sheenka fallin off boo….what happened

  • I’m not even a big Sheneka fan but she’s sh1tting on that plastic build-a-booty girl.