Gizelle The Stallion was in ESSO Saturday night with her donk busting out the seems of her spandex tights. Would you have holla’d at her?

Propz Alltheparties @FoeDiddy

  • queso

    U know what I thought id be the last person to say anythig like this but that’s just strait up tacky! N she look a hot ass mess on top of that.

    • F.B.I. (female body inspector)

      Agreed! But she still better than anything that BP CORP has on their “real” squad. Not to be confused with their fantasy league (i.e. Portia, Maliah, formerly Sabrina). lol

      • Lol @FBI

      • queso

        @FBI yo what up kid?? O yo i wanted to tell u something I heard that was Sabrina Hunters stunt double look alike at the book signing. Alledgely she uses that chick for teamchocolate members….sorry kid

        • moorfedayeen

          She got that type of face that let’s u know exactly what she gonna look like when she 89 yrs old. This bitch is super wack but I still appreciate the post Hahz.

          Yo Hahz, u remember that picture of her from years ago when she was wearing that blue sundress and the sun was in the background on a patio? She looked so classy back then. I think u should post it here to show the evolution of Gizzelle so cats can know just why we use to like her.

    • A prime example of stick n move,if that

      • 850

        This look horrible. If I would od seen her in the club I would of looked and kept it moving lol.

    • Booxah

      She look like a baby bear in the face

  • Theodore Roosevelt

    Just a few biscuits away

    • moorfedayeen

      she already there bro!

  • hellomrblack

    She almost look like Miss Piggy in the face but that title still belongs to T.I’s wifey Tiny

  • true blackman

    im a fan of her work

  • She does have a cute face, that’s jus’ way too much butt for me. PEACE!!!

  • Bullcity Bandit

    I guess since ain’t nobody want it, she trying to give it away!

  • WayJay

    Man PLEASE!!!! I would have backed away from that s%$#!!! She’s walking around looking like a street walker! Have a little respect for yourself. I’ll pass!

  • brickcity kid

    kinda of sleezy but I like that a lil so I would would smash and dash

  • Na no hollin at this.

  • She gotta get back on somehow

    • 850

      @Ttown419 naw bruh it’s a wrap. Her boat been sinked like the “Titanic”.

  • Would I hollar??? I wouldnt have thrown sign language at this broad, pass

  • jmoney

    she went from “damn she bad” to “how much for me and my homies” in one wrong outfit turn

  • simpleTOM

    horrible weave. why dem birds do that for?

  • Plansky

    tempting but gross!!! Ill prob hit though

  • Chi Capitan

    Wouldn’t touch her. But you all aren’t feelin the Presto specials she rockin? Queso and B Strait designed those joints

    • queso

      @Chi yo I been laughin for a good two minutes….good one.

    • presto

      LMAO!…Yo i kno this is against regulations but….


      STOCK#11177553991 – 2 XXS ripped jeggins hotpink
      STOCK#11345986922 – 1 XXS full bodysuit cheatah

      SHIPPED DATE 10/17/11

      125 S RIVERDALE(southside)

      • @presto,Rotflmao!!!!!…hell Naw LOL. Get em son!!!…BP corp

      • queso

        @Presto LMAO

      • Chi Capitan

        lol…I just noticed this….but why the size gotta be XXSmall?? lol

        • queso

          @chi they gotta be XXS so yall could tuck em in the cowboy boots:..”Team Chocolate Rodeo Gang” lol

      • juwellz

        Lmao presto you a fool bruh. Zzz tho lol

    • too_funny

      @chi ……. BP corporation just put dark skinny’s skinny jeans out of business. But y is she wearing them? ….. those are men’s leggings @Hahz will be advertising the banner on ANS with @queso @Bstrait @presto modeling these along with the street map Lotto’s and their signature Troop goodies.

  • @chi capitan, u gon pay for that LOL

    • presto

      yeah @CHI been has been feelin real jazzy lately…lol…”refreshing!”….we keep shyt live round here….**SEAN PARKER VOICE**…”and thats what makes it cool”….AYO HAHZ “NEVER LOSE THE COOL HOMIE”….(that “new look” move a few weeks back woulda took some of the cool away…gud no go!)…..and i encourage ALL to join the convo…and give your input…cause its all for a good debate…jus dont come crazzy or tooo damn emotional….IF YOU CANT TAKE A JOKE…KISS OUR AZZ!….bp corp

      **GUMP VOICE**….”and thats all i have 2 say bout thayyt”

      • Lol @Gump voice. That’s why I come to this site every now & then. I always get a good knee slapping laugh.

      • too_funny

        @presto yeah that new look @Hahz put up would’be stopped me from coming back….. keep it simple @Hahz, its all about the comments.

        Hey @presto …. u @Bstrait and @queso can’t ball seriously in those high-top. L.A. Gear’s with the light up air bubble…..who y’all think y’all gonna be?

        • queso

          @toofunny that’s funny cus I was askin BSTRAIT and PRESTO what’s the deal wit the cowboy….indian…construction worker and cop…..”Team Chocolate” AKA “Team Village People”

          • “It’s fun to stay at the ymca”….lmao

  • tony587

    I love her!…..the outfit is sexxy……i dont like the first pic tho

    • presto

      she’ll be there waiting…cause it seems erryone else throwin deuces…lol

  • LouieV

    She looks like somebody weak ass mama trying to get attention in the club. Ass got MADD dents, this bitch sucks. Literally.

  • cdubb77

    She looks aiight. Nice booty but tacky outfit.

  • Southwest

    Yeah I’d holler. 20 minutes and 2 drinks is all I could give her. If she ain’t ready to leave with me with the full understanding that I’m going to treat her like the slut she is, I’ll walk away, no harm, no foul.

    • LOL

    • presto


    • Plansky


  • T-Fleezee

    Man she’s popped!!

    • She teamchocolate!!

      • too_funny

        @Bstrait more like a product of the the BP corporation, a soaked up tampon. Lol

  • Jimmy89


  • ginoBrown

    LoL at some dudes on here being surprised by what she wearing, she a pornstar so what you expect? I’m surprised she aint show up bucket a** naked.

    • presto


      • presto

        @850…this yo area of expertise homie…wher you @ fam?…lol…@850 you kno you my G… have been lowered to the yellow light status…OK?…lol

        • 850

          @Presto huh? My kind of expertise this shit here? man ur wildin homie lol. I can’t do nothing to this lol.

        • LOL @presto

    • Plansky

      oh shes a porno star… NEXT!!!

  • Cold and Hot

    What is it with black women and damn blonde hair?

  • realtalkldn

    if all else fails then yea, that hair colour is ridiculous and her outfit looks sleazy – but id still hit

  • One Slug Managment

    She looking for somebody to give her a new home..Quickly!!

  • supafly919

    she is a bad chick but she is a crack hoe according i guess to mediatakeout which i believe she looks high in this pic i knda feel bad for her went to doing porn to hosting parties now back to stripping

  • Plansky

    Ive smashed worst/tackier

  • A_Blunt_Of_Purp

    She a pornstar too…thats even worse..

  • gunna

    Just like Wale said women will sell they soul just to buy some attention lol

  • Just so sad. Wouldn’t take her to a dog fight even if she was a participant


    LOL It took me a while to get to the bottom of this page. Everyone that commented above would beat, and below. I’d be filmed beating that, thas how real I gotta keep it. Ya’ll niggas is frontin, shittin on the bitch like that. Put that bitch in a room with you on a late night, niggas would go ham on that.

  • Nap time

    I would talk to her it would be a crime not to she looks friendly and sweet. I’ll give her my virginity once we have a relationship