This list of ‘Why I’m Dumping You’ has went viral for obvious reasons. A Taz tattoo? Cereal with water? Visited by aliens? Leather pants? Kirk Cameron? I am sure this guy will keep this list of things not to do with his next girlfriend.

Via Thought Catalog


  • MalleG’z

    IDK, it seems staged because I can’t see her ever going out with a guy this wack in the first place. Visited by aliens? Michael Phelps poster? Chick must have been desperate

    • desolation

      hell yeah, its always funny to me to hear chicks bash dudes they used to mess with. I be like ” welp, does that say about you ? Some say you are who you attract.

  • Bob


  • Sorta humorous.

    **Jeffrey the butler voice(fresh prince)**

  • Greg4422

    Hey now, water in cereal? why you hating hoe…we gotta do whatever it takes to survive.

    Cuba Gooding in Snow Dogs was a pretty good damn movie.

    Oh hell naw, I just seen that Barack “Hussien” Obama..shit…yea girl leave that gay ass tea bagger