Get Familiar With Vixen Anabella Carrasco

· October 25, 2012

Anabella Carrasco.

Get familiar with vixen Anabella Carrasco reppin Florida. You can catch her in the new Meek Mill “Young n Gettin It” video.Anabella and her whole crew is bad.





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Elisabeth Akinwale putting in work

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Discussion22 Comments

  1. visio says:

    1st yh she a dime 8

  2. vic says:

    She put on 20 pounds. She will be bad 2 tha bone. She is sexy!

  3. queso (The Corp) says:

    A little light in the azz…but I’m smashing!

  4. LouieV says:


  5. pdatruth says:


  6. bighomie53 says:

    She a lil small for my taste but i’ll still drop it off in her!!!!!!! #WP

  7. I AM REX !!!!! says:

    She tight,but comes a dime a dozen nothin stands out here

  8. I AM REX !!!!! says:

    But I would still pop her off

  9. 828heffe says:

    She is a good look, all her friends are on deck too. Im sure they dont pay for a drink in the club if they come out looking like that!

  10. BzB says:

    damn near all these chicks look good to me. we can all go on a “limo date” bonus 3 is a nice beach side vision

  11. Realtalkin says:

    she nice id holla

  12. tyuaza says:

    she can get layed down,knocked out.

  13. damnshame says:

    she to tiny and small for me-she look bout 4ft..BUT who i will take is her friend standing next to her in that black top with black pants and long hair. mu caliente.

  14. R.E.D.Corp GOD says:

    I have no problem with Slim women so Hell yeah she can get it

    Matter fact The whole lineup in pic 4 is CORP Stamped

  15. R.E.D.Corp GOD says:

    *searches for her instagram*

  16. wobeli says:

    Feelin her and the whole crew.

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