Ashley Diaz is more than just Ayisha Diaz little sister she definitely can be a candidate for #WCW today on ANS.

  • Black People

    And the Fairy Tales Book never closes!

  • torchi


  • tHe kiD fRanKiE

    Ashley is the basic starter base model no frills just a tape deck 2014 Charger

    Ayisha is the 2014 top of the line 20′ chrome 450 under the hood, 660 Horsepower, leather DVD CD player turbo charged sunroof butter soft leather with racing trim Charger

    ….you decide

    Although the basic one will last longer n prolly cost u significantly less money n heartbreak….

    Ask Shad

    • Playboy69

      @Kid…I will take the Basic Charger of Ashley Diaz then because like a used car you can put custom rims a new sound system & custom leather on the seat as an upgrade….LMAO

    • Big B

      I’m cool with that new 2014 Chevy SS. Not very many of them on the road. That said, can’t really say what model out there can be used in that analogy.

  • Mister Mister

    She’s cute, but like her sister….birds of the same feather.

    These girls be too in to they phones to enjoy the moment. What’s the point of filming yourself at a party just to put it up on IG? Need attention & reassurance that bad?

  • lazarus

    that apple probably don’t fall to far from that tree, in other words. what does she do? generate income? etc;??? maybe im jus getting older I guess.

  • KutDawg

    She fine, but she seems uber annoying. Plus, she cooks bacon in the microwave. Any bitch that does is lookin for a short cut in life.

    • MGC InfaRED

      LMAO @ cooking bacon in a microwave…That’s some lazy ass sh*t

      • MoorThugRelated

        #TC n1ggas whip crack in the microwave. Is that also bad?

        • MGC InfaRED

          Stick some aluminum foil in there next time

        • KutDawg

          Niggas don’t whip like that where I come from…that’s some 90s babies shit. I was born in the 80’s.

          • trap101 MGC Kingz

            +1….on the stove like a culinary genius

    • BzB

      lol @ bacon in the microwave. struggle cook

    • therealjiggaboo

      Lmao bacon in the microwave.!

  • seanjohn100

    i hate how these girls try to put their sisters/friends on. the real diaz destroys this chick and if wasnt for her sister we woulndt know who she is. this a regular chick

  • President Ward

    Two thumbs down.

  • jfizzle

    Very cute, maybe I need to get out more often, because brothers on here talking like broads like Ashley come a dime a dozen where they are from. Yo let me hang with you! LOL

    • lazarus

      you can hunt with me and @nowhite in florida at anytime fam. lol

      • Playboy69

        @laz…But alot girls in Florida especially South Florida are down with Team Fairy Tales anyway…. Ashley Diaz looks Natural tho..LMFAO!

    • Playboy69


      • lazarus

        lmao @playboy team fairy tales strong hunh?

  • Kvn

    She’s cool I would take her to red lobster

  • Kaykikat

    She’s cute if ayisha wasn’t as surgically enhanced her sister would b a better look

  • queso (the corp)

    Look like every other puerto Rican chick in the bronx..she cool

    • President Ward

      @Q no lie

  • MGC InfaRED

    Conceited as hell is written all over her face

    • lazarus


  • she aiight…7 card…

  • Big ALbert