Get bodied by J,Irene The dream and Ayisha Diaz show us what they working with in this fit trio. Jenelle gonna catch a charge going to the beach in a bikini next week during spring break.

Bodied By J

Irene The Dream

Ayisha Diaz

Via Rasheed


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  • Playboy69

    Irene get the STANDING OVATION….Get Bodied, & Ayisha Diaz need to take several seats. because IRENE THE DREAM WINS!

    • Ayisha part of your team homie..and irene is great too,9.8 sound right?

      • Playboy69

        @rasheed… Yeah Ayisha Diaz can’t HIDE FROM the new BLACK AMERICAN DREAM WOMAN MS. IRENE!….LOL!

  • 206dee

    Thick n Sexy post

  • All 3 ladies look great.

  • President Ward

    Ward’s Angels

  • BullnBearHP

    Irene…. but luv me some J…

  • Mitchrapp

    Bodied by J flat out beast.

  • this post was aight,not topping my freckles post but yeah,i’m liking ayisha alot here. maliah really got some competition this year ya’ll.

    • Big ALbert


  • Realtalkin

    Irene looking great, Get bodied looking great and Ayisha looking great and thats it

  • Mister Mister

    Get Bodied….did she straight bite Rihanna’s chest tattoo? It looks exactly the same, with the wings….how original.

    Ayisha is Team Fairytales, ain’t rocking with that. Guess I gotta go with Irene, unless she’s TF too

    • presto 2.5

      i think you right bout the tat…good observation @Mister

      and lol at…”aint rocking with that”….you gonna make @Play cuss you out!…lol

  • lazarus

    J wins this easily. everything real, including her job. #realtalk. dimestatus. Put J in anything Irene or Ayisha wearing. You’ll see what I see.

  • bighomie53

    That damn Irene… Irene The Dream bodied J, Ayisha & the whole post she’s something serious, reminds me of my ex Brenda with the sex appeal, stance & overall thickness!!!!!!!!!! #WP #onmylife

    • presto 2.5

      Irene bodied J….lol

      yup…and i think @Hahz finally got off his azz and fixed the site @Big…nicca was fuk’n up our groove…lol

      • bighomie53

        @Presto,, You right bruh, cause when i come to the site & can’t log on i be feelin some kinna way fasho…

  • Smoov

    Irene by Me. Pretty Redbone w/ Dimples…Breast & Ass… Hips Mean. Diaz bad as Hell, but I take Irene because it take less for her to look good in the face.

  • ballzdeepigo

    Irene got me would luv to taste that.

    • Bigsmoov

      I don’t normally eat. but i’d agree with you there!

      • presto 2.5

        probably taste like a sour patch…lol

        nah jus kidn….bon appetit my niccas!

        • bighomie53

          LOL @ bon appetit…

  • ginoBrown