In just a few days the state of Georgia will be executing a man doctors have declared to be mentally disabled.

Warren Hill who was originally serving time for the death of his girlfriend Myra Wright also killed a man serving time at the same facility as Hill.  In 1990 Hill killed an inmate with a board studded with nails in his sleep. The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals stepped in back in the month of February when Hill was initially scheduled to be executed.



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  • Greg4422

    I don’t care that he’s mentally insane…he murdered at least 2 people and should be executed. In fact we never to fast track all the murderer currently on death row.

  • MoorDetroitRed

    Id(really)gaf. He killed a female and a man in his sleep. Get ’em out of here before he kills again.

  • Bob

    Kill him. He a stone cold killer.

  • Realtalkin

    yeah give him that penalty!

  • joker190

    eye for an eye

  • K-iller (DaCorpNigga)

    Let the inmates “Purge” this mother fucka!

  • Switch!!