Georgia Judge Orders Bow Wow Arrested On Sight For Unpaid $100,000 Tour Bus Bill From 2009

· February 6, 2012

Bow Wow is in more legal trouble in Tennessee that will require him to sit in a cell until it’s all cleared up.

TMZ is reporting that the rapper failed to pay a $100,000 tour bus bill from 2009 to a Tennessee company. The company then filed a lawsuit in Georgia where the rapper lives to get the judgement enforced.

He was ordered to show docu*ents regarding the lawsuit. After he failed to do so the tour bus company filed a motion to have the rapper held in contempt.

In October 2011 a Georgia judge granted the motion and ordered the rapper be arrested and held until he produces the docu*ents. According to the report Bow Wow still hasn’t responded and will have to keep looking over his shoulder until he does.

  • BigBlackDude

    Come on son, pay you bills, you know they looking for something on you!

  • crabs

    this dude needs someone to handle his finances other than his cousin ray ray. he’s a father now so he really needs to get his sh1t together.

    • 4xtra

      Ray ray?
      no…actually it looks like his uncle “POOKIE” is handlin his bizness affairs

  • 1luv

    Damn, that company don’t play. You got to keep your finances in order.

  • jazulu

    All these so called ballers throwing money everywhere and acting stupid, but cant pay their bills and acting like deadbeats.

  • @terryplease

    Need to arrest him for wearing dem dam snow boots. Dick.