Former night club picture of the day Gem Martinez returns with some more heat. It’s clear as day to see why she won the donk of the day ti*le with that crazy body. Even though she looks like she changes her hair color like the weather, I can look past all that. Gem is another NYC Latina to add to your top 20 list. Are you feeling her?

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  • Playboy69

    She look like the LATINA Version THICKER VERSION of Amber Rose with more Hair…NO TOP 20!…LMFAO

    • Truth

      Agreed!! She will barely make the Top 20 List, she got some more work to do. Also she’s not a NYC Latina, she’s a Jersey Latina. Fortunataly or unfortunately there is a difference.

      • Playboy69


  • cadillacgrease of BP

    her 3 month rule would change to 3 hrs.

  • Oh she definitely smashworthy indeed. Her hair color is outrageous…but thats for attention LOL. Nice face & body….Smashtastic!!!! BP…BP….BP. ((((((slap))))))…”all u TC clowns who thought we took our foot off yall neck…we still run ans” BP corp!!!

    • Where is queso???

      Top 5 mami’s
      Ayisha diaz/angelic ramos
      Cyn santana
      Giselle D
      Yaris sanchez

      What u think @queso?

      • MoorFedayeen

        No more Ms Jenkins?

        • Ms Jenkins doesn’t need to rank catdaddy….she’s the queen!!! Let’s not be silly @moorfedayeen LOL

      • @B looks good to me lol…..o wait wait we gotta fit Mz DR in there.

        • they all nice..but we need that urban model to come along and change the four real.

        • @queso, u think mz Dr top 5 Latina???

          • @B yea son I seen that azz in person a few tines around….YES lol

      • presto 2.0

        ANGELIC RAMOS!!!!

  • Gem Martinez = Honeycomb!!

    WP Inc.

    • R.E.D.BP Elite

      Shut the hell up Lame ass

  • Juwellz

    Strapped up shawty

  • ballzdeepigo

    I gota look past the hair she will get ballzdeep everyday her period is not on.

  • R.E.D.BP Elite

    Damn @Hanz Everybody wanted to know her name and you delivered as usual

    That Bonus Pic is exactly the position I’d tag her ass in

  • 828Heffe

    Top 20 just off the introduction to Atlnightspots. That pic in the Gold is CLASSIC!

  • Realtalkldn

    The hair colour is crazy but can be overlooked, her body is niceeee. She’s nice for sure

  • Mister Mister

    I’d smash off the strength that she has the ass that I seriously think she was born with, no alterations. Everybody knows I have a pet peeve of these joints with fake azzes lol




  • TYB02020


  • DCAssLuva

    she phat but lose all them different wild color hair styles these chicks and they hair they go crazy wit they hair and tats

  • wobeli

    Everything seems authentic (which is refreshing), I’m feeling her style, something different.

  • block
    • Truth

      Yo this video is funny as hell. Is this what rap has come to???? Surgically enhanced transvestites….

  • none of ur business

    No class.

  • Exotica22

    It appears she copy’s of keyshia kaoir style totally!!! She tries to imitate all her outfits and hair!!! If you follow keyshia on twitter, u will c…. B original!!! Plus her face isn’t cute, jus nice ass honestly!!!!

    • Neatest boo

      Your so rite um u!!!! She copied the blu jacket, gold catsuit key wore to Rick Ross b day, the colorful stones, hair, lipstick, glasses an beyonce catsuit….clown beyochttt!!! Lol

      • lena candi

        oookkkkk so, jus looked at the girl with the funny hair and lipstick and yes, i c the duplicating thing you guys r talkin about….even other clothes and the 1 piece thing! im not a fan of the other chick either but damnnnnnn…

        • Rogerdat

          Sure did especially with that gold piece, hair n all,. Pathetic

  • Romans bitch

    I agree, RATCHET looking(thumbs down)

  • lena candi

    I actually like her style, I dont believe that she is in any top 20 latina women group thou, she needs more work done

  • caporackz60

    Dat nose doe ha ha ha…. face<ass def hit it

  • Yeah not top 20, she coo doh…look like kelis lil sister…as usual, google manolorae

  • Nicki villan69

    Nuttin on mesha Seville yaris mz dr….. Too ratchet looking but then again so iz mz dr…. Smh

  • caporackz60

    dat nose doe smh body of perfection, face of imperfection

  • mullag gurl

    i saw her before at a party, she do copy creativity but tries to throw it off with blue hair, bwaaaaahhhhhh

  • Real men

    I detect a fraud!!!!! Swagger jackn lmao

  • She will:-)

    She at EVERY party!!! Party hoe looking for a baller like the rest! Nice body but not pretty (not top 20 by far) I’d hit doe

  • Youthskillz

    Top 20 Lmfao!!!! U shot out H!!!! Hahahaha

  • Kuntry Kotton

    she is nice, but some comments r starting to add up tho. been comin to the website about last 3 months. Beginner to it to.

  • Rogerdat

    I wonder what she looks like under all that make up??????

    • Realrell

      She copied that blu off Katy an gaga

  • Shakin things up

    Known this chic since she was lil, and her mom is the one to blame for her actions. She always had her on stage dancing at all the parades, and concerts. She was a very pretty natural looking girl. Now she looks like a whore in every pic, then gets mad at all the chics out here because she claims everyone is hating on her. If u act like a lady then u will be treated like one. Stop hoeing around and attend to ur son Lysandra Bonilla.

  • Princesstia

    #1 she looks like a clown an # 2 she chases after chinx drugs who don’t want her ratchet lookin ass! She do need to tend to her son an stop worrying about a nigga who she chases around but NEVER shouts her out!!! Lost bitchz

    • Realrell

      She ain’t fucc in wit Sasha delvalle, shout to CEO jstarz, he was hitn both dem!!! Lol she a hoe now thou

  • Dayday$1

    I guess she was tired of getting dogged out bi Jungle starz CEO so she moved on to anotha baller, still looks ghetto thou, don’t got nothing on Sasha Delvalle

  • Realrell

    Dat bish look like she stink straight up!!

  • Team softy12

    She a whore, she already fuccd 3 industry niccaz an don’t even got 3000 followers yet!! Eternal chinx drugz n torchmmg