Drama continues to find its way around Lakerland, with reports coming out about Pau Gasol possibly wanting to be traded if the team decides to move forward with Coach D’Antoni, and All Star center Howard. For the majority of the season Gasol has taken many of the changes and injuries pretty good until recently. The well mannered big man has been speaking up a lot lately about his role with the team which is something he is not known to do.

Writer TJ Simmers of the Los Angeles Times sat down with Gasol in an interview to discuss everything that has surrounded the Lakers and the issues between him and D’Antoni that have not been solved but believes are getting worse due to the lack of understanding. The coach believes that he is helping Gasol longterm wise because of the knee related problems Gasol has been dealing with by bringing him off the bench at reduced minutes. Gasol spoke upon D’Antoni system and whether he believed the two big men could co-exist.

“Nothing is going to change, but I have no doubt we could coexist and dominate every single game. I believe 100% if I was starting inside with Dwight we could make the playoffs. I just don’t know if coming off the bench gives the team a chance to be better and win more games.”

It is no secret the Lakers are trying to make sure Howard resigns with them so most of the attention has been shown to make sure he is happy with how things would move going into the future but so far every move that Jim Buss has made has backfired causing many players and fans alike to become disgruntled. With talks of next season discussed Pau said some very interesting things:

“It would be hard for me to deal with another season”

TJ- “So do you ask for a fresh start elsewhere?”

Gasol-“It’s a possibility,” he said, “yes.”

“I’m not a quitter,”

“Just because things look better on the other side of the fence, I’m not going to take the easy way out.

“I have a certain level of loyalty here, and I’ve been through a lot of great, amazing things. And there have been others that have been hurtful. But that’s life.

You catch the full interview over at LA Times and FanIQ