Game disses 50 Cent (via Twitter)

· September 29, 2011

Oh lawd! 50 Cent done started something The Game is going to drop 10000 bars.

  • jfizzle

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, men shouldn’t not twitter fight


      Yeah that’s lame as hell

    • too_funny

      not on twitter, but if I was I’m only following b*tches and blockin any dude tryng to follow me.

    • queso

      @jfizzle agreed 100%. N game got a lot of nerve taalkin bout somebody face!

      • presto

        didnt fif already “Ja rule” this nigga?…lol

  • sauced

    game dissing 50 is like gucci mane going to jail

    • moorfedayeen


      • BlackLondoNer

        @ Moor, I believe he means ”it happens all the time”

  • G

    *waits for an apology*

    • BIG TOO

      @G yeah u know it’s coming

  • mali

    Hey, new name –> Game lame

  • realtalk

    50 fell off. He went ham for a while and brought game up but “you know what it is vol.3″ by game Trumps anything 50 came out with since. I thought he was supposed to retire when kanye outsold his ass. Snapback

    • slice

      50 cent is one of richest rappers alive how you sound ! game in the under hand lost his game lol why stick up for some crying b*tch any way he claims he blood and all the uder shite he just not about it he fake thug real T.

  • abraham donchild

    wapup man long live 50cent we ur fans in nigeria we all love u 50cent.

  • Trio5

    Oh, man.

    I definitely can’t wait to hear Game’s diss track talking about 50…again.

  • ginoBrown

    I YAWN at anything involving Game.

    • slice

      agreed lol

  • pimptyght

    So, while he is in a studio making another wack diss track, 50 will have his hands full executive producing and starring in films. This is like Gucci dissing Jeezy.

    • http://I MalleG’s

      @Pimp, 50 was at the UN promoting his energy drink in a effort to end world hunger, while Game is talking about what he’s going to do WHEN his crew FINDS him a studio. LMAO at this low level cat.

      • moorfedayeen

        The UN. That’s crazy. The contradictions and hypocrisy are just incredible. This guy is still a gangster rapper but he wants to feed the planet. It’s plain to see he doesn’t control himself. I ain’t drinking that sh*t cause everything that glitters ain’t diamond or gold.

        • presto

          …yessir @moor

  • Cold and Hot

    Both of them punks lame as fuck.

    • jpari

      i agree

  • To_son’

    Both irrelevant rappers who are falling off..trying to stay relevant

  • jpari

    the men i mess with dont get involved in all of this junk & cattiness
    so lame grow up this shit is not a good look

  • asian butthole ,licker

    why is the game still going at 50 this dude is such a grump somoone really do need to shoot this guy real talk sorry it is what it is

    • http://I MalleG’s

      Wow, asian butthole licker, i’m not sure whats more silly, your post, or your name?

    • slice

      lol i mean they say that 50 and tony yayo shot game cuzin or best friend or something like that maybe they need go another round lol and knock games bitch ass.


    All of y’all sorry ass niggaz jocking 50 cents money go get your own ignorant ass fools and stop bieng groupies .. As for who’s a RIDA MR COMPTOWN HIMSELF who pissed on fiftys home.. Game is a real rapper lyrically murked that half a dollar ass bitch.. And btw 50 is the jews bitch on a leash his 400 mill can’t buy him shit.. GET MONEY YOU SORRY ASSES AND WATCH THE WEST BOMB ON Y’ALL BITCH ASS’S AAHHAAA!!

  • gameover

    Pretty sure 50 doesn’t even have to respond to a dude that used to have a butterfly tattooed on his face. Pretty hard to have something stupider than an ice cream cone on your face…