Gabrielle Union attends her 40th Birthday Party With Courvoisier Gold at PH-D Rooftop Lounge at Dres Downtown on October 22, 2012 in New York City. She doesn’t look a day older then mid 30’s.

(Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Courvoisier)

  • Jamez

    black simply does not crack. i see u jaleel

  • dcassluva I

    Oh my!! Had no idea she was turning 40 thought she was 33 or something d wade like 28 or something

    • CruiseControl

      Cosign didnt know she was that old, i think dwade two year older than me , i think he is 30 or 31, but dammmmnn didnt know she was that old, she dont look it though.

    • Wade is 30

  • Mister Mister

    No D Wade? Damn, that was my opportunity lol. Sike naw, Gabrielle is #1 in my book & she still looks great at 40

    • CruiseControl

      indeed she is aging very well and DWADE aint aint marrying her because she aint forcing her, “why buy the whole cow , when you can get milk for free”. Plus have seen DWADE SEVERAL times on south beach and homie is a beast , he has slowed down on partying and with broads the past two years since having his kids, but trust homie still doing his thing like a single man with no worries

  • GO HEAT!!

  • 828heffe

    40? I thought she was 35 or so she takes good care of herself

  • TBag

    Beautiful no matter what her age.

  • Davidgotpay

    This b$#%h think shes to pretty to have kids, b$#ch stop acting white…

    • CruiseControl

      How does not having kids come off as a person acting white, As far as her having kids, she has to and probably wants a husband and she has been known to be in circles of athlethes, this is probably why no real nygaa has wifed her azz yet.

      Her acting is not the best, I think either a KAPPA or Qdog who was a talent asset saw her in a grocery store and put her in a movie because she was pretty. Guess baby girl waiting on DWADE but dont think homie settling down no time soon, he a star player living on south beach , do the math

      • Jamez

        lol u failed on that race card bruh, reshuffle