Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade at Rodeo Drive Walk of Style Awards

· October 24, 2011

Happy couple Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade pictured arriving at the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style Award Honoring Iman And Missoni on October 23, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California.

Sofia Vergara

Iman (Is she a never aging vampire?)

  • queso

    I don’t like this chick not one lil bit….never did since day one…ain’t got shit to do wit her looks u could just see in her face she got a fucked up her facial expressions etc….which I saw later down the years I was right.

  • B Strait UP

    Wtf!!! D wade is my nigga too,he usually get the thumbs up from me as far as his fashion is concerned( no #teamchocolate) but he just killed his whole look wit them damn jordans lmao. He look like the fresh prince of bel air lmao. His lady looked damn good tho, a suit with some mikes at a style award show LOL. Funny thing is I know a lot of brothers gon say “what’s wrong with jordans and a suit,he a millionaire,he can wear what he want”….LOL smh. Put on your big boy shoes like u usually do d wade LOL…..chitown!!!!

    • Hahz

      Lockout..Jordan is cutting him a check every time he takes pics in those J’s

      • queso

        @Hahz ok now that’s a different story….I be wearing them joints in shower callin MJ up on videochat but ass naked like look Mike see I got em on LOL

        • Chi Capitan

          **MJ on videochat….Queso, dont ever call me with the Earthworm Jim exposed! Matter of fact, you no longer represent Team Jordan brand! And tell B Strait to stop trying to follow me into the bathroom every time I go! Last but not least, put on some lotion!***

          • queso

            @CHI LOL

      • B Strait UP

        Lmao @hahz, u probably right LOL. I just saw him in the new gq magazine this month….but no jordans in his photos LOL *shrugs*

        • Tony Money

          i saw them GQ pics and that nigga has lost my respect as a worthy fashion dresser that nigga had them tight ass pants on in every pic.

    • queso

      @BSTRAIT agreed.

    • black_42

      I have to disagree B. His fit is dumb fresh the black cement iii are classics and modern and he is killing it with a modern cut suit. The cement on those joints kills with that suit. Scarf can go to hell though

  • a55town

    g_g_g_g_g_ G-union (fitty-voice) & Amen to Iman; both or on point; I really don’t know what DWade waiting on; must be those lawyers working on them prenup papers…

    • B Strait UP

      LOL could be,but the man is a king in Miami…mainly southbeach! I don’t know if you’ve ever been down to southbeach but its some “super dimes” rolling thru there. I wouldn’t rush to the alter either LOL

      • http://atlnightspots dmncnlou

        There are some dimes down south beach but to me all them chicks look the same. Plus, that Miami sun makes everybody look good.

      • Chi Capitan

        Iman is definitely teamchocolate: Cougar division. D. Wade aint about to marry that girl, something tells me they fling is coming to an abrupt end soon. I cant say why I just have that feeling

      • Hahz

        Those J’s he is rocking drop this Friday.

        • true blackman

          those j’s droped in 1989

  • Mike Lowrey

    Not feeling her camera smile but Sofia Vergara was looking good.