“You Want To Be Jay-Z ni**** You Just A F*ckin Puppet… Ross Had You Scared To Drop A Diss Record” Freddie Gibbs gave a performance at Metro in Chicago. During his set, he decided to premiere a new record called ‘Real’, which is a diss track aimed at Jeezy. Gibbs was previously signed to CTE but the two artists had a falling out back in 2012.

  • Ro

    Okay Domestic Issue. Fix it inhouse….

  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    This Nigga really starting to sound like a bitter biitch

  • 828jeffe

    I’m a fan of Gibbs but he does need to let it go

    • BzB

      +1 at some point you got to stand on your own two feet and move on.

  • lokey

    Man I f**k with Jeezy but Gibbs came through with this, this is one of the hardest diss tracks of the last few years. He talked about Jeezy not firing back at Ross, bring too scared to do anything when he saw Gucci (which lead to a hilarious Gucci interview at the Breakfast club), and the thing about him and BMF which Pimp C also dissed Jeezy about. This is f***ng killer

  • ice

    When was the last time a diss record actually named the other rapper? Feels like it has been a couple of years since anyone relevant has done that.

  • Patfacekilla

    Once this track drops in CDQ its gon be over with

  • desolation

    shit, I say good riddance. Jeezy been fucking over people since before he even became known in the rap game. Cats say gibbs a bitter bitch for this. I say fuck that, its time for Jeezy get his.

    • NoWhiteInMyCup

      I feel you, but some of yall kill me with these supportive comments of gibbs, h3ll gibbs aint saying nothing new , we all know jeezy living a fabricated life, just like a 3rd of all these other rappers out here.

      But lets keep it real, gibbs mad becuase his album didnt drop , if he felt jeezy was a fcuk niggga he should have been slid , everything he stating is stuff he knew about prior to coming to jeezy.

      Jeezy aint owe this man nothing, he should have took what he learned from jeezy, called him out and kept it moving, all this bitching! and crying sound like an insecure female, a real niggga dont allow one mokey to stop the show

      • desolation

        Naw bruh, the whole ” I don’t owe ya nothing” is a copout here. If I a nigga call you crew, then he owe you loyalty if nothing else. You wanna talk about female shit ? pimpin ya boys is the epitome of female shit b/c real men don’t do that. granted, its widely known Jeezy betrayed everyone he’s worked with , but he’s avoided karma for way too long. Gibbs aint bitching, he’s getting getback. Besides, we both jeezy aint gonna squab, so this the only way.

        I say gibbs need to do jeezy like fifty did to JaRule.