PSU Altoona freshman Marquise Braham jumped off the roof of the Marriott Long Island Hotel on Friday night, and his family thinks hazing at the hands of Phi Sigma Kappa drove him to take his own life. While Nassau County police investigate Braham’s death in New York, Logan Township, PA police have begun to investigate his fraternity, and how its pledging contributed to his deteriorated mental state.


Marquise’s father Rich Braham, an editor at ABC News, told the Altoona Mirror that he decided to take the story to the press after Phi Sigma Kappa’s president sought legal counsel instead of cooperating with a police investigation. (The fraternity has since been suspended.)


“I don’t want another parent to have to go through what we went through. We sent him in late August, not thinking he would come back to us and commit suicide,” Braham said. “It’s what happened in Altoona that sent him off the roof of the Marriott in New York.

“It’s clear he didn’t want to go back there.”

A photo in Marquise’s phone, provided to the Mirror by the Braham family, shows a young man blindfolded with someone pointing a gun to his head. Also in Marquise’s phone are text messages about use of the drug MDMA within the fraternity.

There are photos of bottles with names and numbers on them associated with the hazing process.

“It’s like being a whistle blower, but he’s not alive,” family spokesman Mike Paul said.


What makes this story unique is that Braham was the secretary of Phi Sigma Kappa. He wasn’t being hazed at the time of his death: He played a role in hazing new members.


According to friends and family, he became disturbed by the rituals, going so far as to have a somber conversation with his aunt about sin and confession and his role as a leader in Phi Sigma Kappa. ”He couldn’t go on seeing the hazings,” Rich Braham said. “But he didn’t think there was any way out of that fraternity.” Added Paul: ”He felt a lot of guilt and shame about what he’s done and what he’s seen. He felt he couldn’t stop it.”


Braham’s death proves, once again, that things can go too far in hazing. And the guy committing the deed can end up hurting just as much as the pledge on the receiving end. Which is a sobering thought.


And for god’s sake, remember you can always leave. Suicide is a tragic, long-term solution to a short-term problem.

  • this is why i do not respect fraternities or sororities all them could suck mines like they not doing nothing but looking for attention, they not helping u get to top.Second i just do not like people i just stay too myself school is bout college not frats or sororities.

  • Light_Hebrew_Israelite

    Greek fraternities are an abomination to the God of Israel. Equipped with prayers, idols (Deu. 7:25 KJV), oaths (James 5:12 KJV), pagan Gods (i.e. Minerva, Apollo, etc.), alters to false Gods, and also being yoked to non-believers (you can be any religion). Not to mention that it’s the same thing that the Greeks did to the Jews in around Christ’s time; the Jews became “hellenized” and denounced their culture in order to become Greek. Fast forward to today, the same children of Israel (“Afro-Americans”) are willingly hellenizing themselves as Greek pagans (NPHC). Ecclesiastes 1:9 KJV, “there is nothing new under the sun”. You have been beguiled by the serpent (Rev. 12:9 KJV) into being in aversion to your God (of Israel). Repent, drop your affiliation, or be put to death by the Most High God. This goes for all Masons as well. Shalom.

    • smoothie

      You are looking to deep into it. Black frats are not praying to an idol or greek pagans. I dont know what you have been researching but you are far off how black frats get down.

      • Light_Hebrew_Israelite

        This is shallow waters bruh. Satan corrupts with subtlety (2 Cor. 11:3 KJV)…it’s not supposed to be obviously evil. How do you think he could possibly deceive the whole world as stated in Rev. 12:9 KJV? Did Eve think the fruit was evil? And you don’t have to pray directly to Greek God’s to commit sin. For example, the Delta’s ask the Greek “goddess” Minerva for wisdom where the scriptures strictly state to ask the Most High for wisdom (James 1:5 KJV). Yes, something that subtle is an abomination. Can you explain these fraternities taking oaths when the bible strictly forbids it (James 5:12 KJV)? Who do you think requires an oath? Each fraternity has a God over it. It seems like you haven’t researched enough.

  • BzB

    this cat got driven to suicide by the sigmas??? rip to him, but he must been softer than cotton balls.

  • Taariq Naser

    Sad this happen this happened. But Phi Sigma Kappa is not a Black Greek Letter Organzation (BGLO). As a member of one & as a Muslim all I can say is to people who feel we worship a different higher power is to each his own. A non member of a BGLO can not or will not tell me what I worship. Yes I took a Oath to my frat, but the oath I took was to never discuss to outsiders anything dealing with my frat. The majority of these organizations were founded in the early 1900’s to be “Social Clubs”. The organizations were founded by people who were one generation outside of slavery. Meaning God was always a key cornerstone off each of them. Not sure where you non members get your info from. But it is what it is….Peace

    • Light_Hebrew_Israelite

      You actually make for an excellent example. First, no you don’t outwardly worship other God’s, my post explicitly stated that you’ve been beguiled into involuntary worship of pagan Gods. Second, you being a Muslim proves my point that Christians who are members of your fraternity are unequally yoked to a non-believer (you) through your “Greek” oath. Third, I am not a former Greek, but a former MASON, with knowledge that MASONS created the “Elite Eight”. If you didn’t realize why all the “Eight” have similar initiations, prayers, grips, alters, “the Light” seen upon your initiation, to Free Masonic rituals – then you clearly have no clue. Just about all of the “Defiled” Nine organizations’ ritual books can be found on wikileaks for easy confirmation of this. Your organizations were founded by Black Masons to compete with the White Greek Fraternities who were funnel organizations to higher secret societies. FreeMasonry is Satanic. What the “people of the prince” did was to create a system where the most talented (WEB’s top 10%) Negroes would be made to defile themselves and their God by “hellenizing” themselves (directly or indirectly denouncing bible commandments) in order to gain success. This is Satan’s kingdom…you have to give up something in order to gain more success. This is the exact same system that Alexander the Greek put in when the Greek Empire took over Jerusalem. It is recorded in the book of 1 & 2 Maccabees in the 1611 King James bible. Thus, they’ve accomplished the exact same thing 2,000 years later (there is nothing new under the sun). So your beloved organization was started by Black Masons, who themselves were started by White Masons all to beguile the Negroes into defiling themselves by going against their God, the God of Israel.

      • Light_Hebrew_Israelite

        And seeing that you may lack research acumen, Islam was created by the Roman Catholic Church to control Ismael (the Arabs, the REAL Muslims – who before worshiped over 400 Gods), and to beguile and force the Jews (Blacks from America to the West Indies) who did not accept Christ as their savior and sacrifice, into that false religion. That’s why countless times in the Qur’an it states that the Israelites are the people of God (i.e. Quran 5:65-66, etc.). It was nothing more than a political tool. All false religions have an idol associated with it, hence the rock (Kaaba stone) that is reverenced in Mecca. The Arabs sold the Blacks into slavery, and we turned around and worshiped their false God. Furthermore, the Arabic word “Allah” comes from the Hebrew word “Alah” (#H5927 in the Strong’s), which means to “ascend”. When you read Isaiah 14:12-14 KJV where the word is used, we learn that it is Satan who wishes to “ascend” to the throne of The Most High. Lastly, the Qu’ran never had one prophesy come to pass and never will – it wasn’t inspired by The Most High. God never dealt with Ishmael, other than to bless him with Princes…that’s why the Arabs took to the illiterate “prophet” Muhammad’s religion. Qur’an means to “recite”, and that’s basically all he could do – and did according to Romans demands (for control of that area – which further pushed away the real Jews who did not convert to Islam). You’ve been bewitched twice. Repent, come back to the Most High God of Israel and accept the promises God has for you (ruler-ship of this earth as an Israelite – you’re not a damn Arab so repent from worshiping THEIR God, SATAN), and keep the law, statues, and commandments. Shalom.

  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    i always said you can haze me to a certain extent, but im a man first and at end of the day a motha fcuker aint putting his hands on me period

  • bobevil

    Greek fraternities and sororities are based on fag and lesbo sh1t. Check your history. Black people are dumb for even considering joining these things.


    see how religions divide people…the arguements never end….i dont believe in what people say or write down…it’s always being re-said,and re-written…i have a personnel relationship with my most high…there is nothing but lies and confusion on this planet…just walk your path that GOD made..not man.