Foxy Brown is currently working on her new album, tentatively ti*led Bandz Up which is expected to be released top of 2014. Today, she has given Superstar Jay the go ahead to debut a 1 minute 30 seconds long preview of the first street single ‘D.R.U.G.Z.’ which will hit iTunes in full next week.


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Young Jeezy bring toys to Macon

  • Greg4422

    Sounds like that old school Lil Kim

  • jamarxyz

    I like this track.

  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    i was rooting for her but this sounds horrible, not only is the title and message horrible of a grown has been rapping about drugs is horrible, but the beat is garbage also.

    Never really cared for FOXY because most of her songs had Ghost writers and JAY basically made her what she was and she always had a arrogant attitude.

    EVE was one of the few female artists that i respect because she was one of the few that wrote her own shiit, one of the few that could go in the studio on camera and flow.

    TRINA had trick, plies, and ross as ghost writers, Foxy had jay and her brothers as ghost writers, LIL KIM had biggie and bathgate as ghost writers. Nicki Minaj uses Safari and others as ghost writers, EVE can do it on her own

    • Greg4422

      yea and to think Eve use to be a stripper that ate other hoes box out on stage, and now she’s married to a white billionaire…life is like a box of chocolates

  • GuTz

    Definition of a comeback: A return to formerly enjoyed status or prosperity.

    This wack bish just made another track is all.