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Thread: AtlNightSpots.Com Exclusive Interview With Jhonni Blaze

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    Post AtlNightSpots.Com Exclusive Interview With Jhonni Blaze

    Hey everyone,it's Rasheed Lateef of and earlier this week,I had to chance to catch up with Houston model/vixen Jhonni Blaze and chat it up with her about a couple of things.

    RL:Good evening,Jhonni. How you been?
    JB:I've been great,just touring alot.

    RL:So,i've been hearing from people that you'll be out in Houston turning up on All-Star Weekend. Is this true?
    JB:Yes,it's very true i'll be at Fetish,Dreams,and Scores. I'm doing all the clubs lol i love money and my fans so it works perfectly.

    RL:I know you're a New York girl and you've lived in Houston for a while.
    Just how different are the two cities to you?

    JB:NYC is always live,it's fast,it's about money and etc. Houston is the same way but it's alot more layed back,live city and great people but more chill i love them both.

    RL:I'm sure some would wanna know about your recent video regarding the Twerk Team.
    Could we see a Jhonni Blaze vs Mizz Twerksum video soon?

    JB:I'm about my money so if we talking MONEY then we can talk

    RL:If i were to ride around the city with you,what albums/songs would be in rotation often?
    JB:Future,2 Chainz,Sade,Rihanna,etc.. I love a lil bit of everything.

    RL:If you don't mind,for the uninformed. Could you please tell the folks
    out there what your measurements are?

    JB:my measurements are 34-26-46 hahah yeah im a thick one i guess..

    RL:"Seeing how Valentine's Day is slowly approaching,what would you expect
    from your man to give you that day besides chocolate,roses,and a sweet dinner?

    JB:I'm simple..i like to relax and just be with the person I'm with show you care by doing what you feel is good for you.

    RL:What's your shoe game like? Are you big on Jordans? Nikes?
    JB:I'm a big shoe head i love different weird shoes hahah that's just me.

    RL:How many times a week do you workout? I know some ladies are already
    getting their bodies tight for the spring and the summertime.

    JB:I work out three times a week with a trainer. I love to work out it's good for you and it makes people and my fans see that i'm doing it the right way.

    RL:Who's that one person in your life that makes everything seem right in place?
    JB:God of course but my mom or either my close friend H-Town Ciara. She always talks to me about the right things and supports me.

    RL:Have you ever had one of those days or moments where you feel like "man,i
    never want this day or moment to end?"

    JB:Yes,all the time I mean,time is everything honestly it never goes fast or any slower.

    RL:What can we expect from Jhonni Blaze in 2013?
    JB:a lot more front covers,alot of work traveling to different cities,and focusing on showing others how to go from hustling and grinding to excel your career..the sky's the limit

    RL:Any shoutouts you wanna give to anybody Jhonni?
    JB:Yes,my family,DJ Kayslay,Vicious Models,Miracle Watts,Treasure P H-Town Ciara,Diamond,Lira Galore,Molo,and TRP Gang.

    RL:How can the people contact you?
    JB:email for bookings at or follow me on twitter @jhonniblaze
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