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Thread: Based On Careers: Are Brady & Kobe Comparable?

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    Default Based On Careers: Are Brady & Kobe Comparable?

    Brady won his championships on the back of defenses while doing enough for the offense to put enough points up to be above average. Peyton is a huge recipient of flak for not doing enough to win while Brady has been the same person since he's been under the helm as an "elite" quarterback.

    Kobe won his championships carried on the back of the most dominant big man in the league of Shaq & Robert "Big Shot" Horry. His last championship he averaged 28 shooting on 40% which aren't bad numbers by any stretch but I could make the case Pau was the heart & soul of that team.

    No disrespect to either of these great players but when their hall of fame careers are over, will you see any similarities?

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    can't compare football is a whole other world

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    Both have that killer instinct... otherwise no comparison

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