This is Word on the street is Jay-Z‘s in Trey Songz ear heavy!, trying to get him to come to Roc Nation for management. Jay-Z always wanted Trey Songz even when Trey was being managed by D2Management (Delante Murphy).

Trey Songz is now managed by Kevin Liles. Kevin Liles has an extensive music background; his company manages Big Sean, Chrisette Michele, D’Angelo, Estelle, Raheem DeVaughn, Selita Ebanks, Terrence J, and Young Jeezy. Kevin Liles recently announced his partnership with MWW Entertainment. This thought out strategic business collaboration with Michael Kempner, CEO of MWW may not be enough to stop Jay-Z and the Roc Nation crew from persuading Trey to join Roc Nation.

Trey Songz at one time was hotter than Chris Brown (due to default Chris Brown and the Rihanna incident in 2009–), which is why Jay has a vendetta to knock Chris Brown off of his high horse. Even though Jay never speaks on Chris and if the media do ask him questions he always keeps his answers politically correct. “Use them before they use you” –Jay-Z’s motto! Which, I understand why. Think about it!? Jay knows who to trust and who not to trust. A lot of people are salty with Jay because they feel he is stingy with breaking bread (Making money), but the real deal is, Jay is not dumb by any means. He knows who to trust and who not to, and the ones that he did trust and they crossed him or got to beside themselves he cut them off like a bad habit. He has the ultimate vendetta against Chris and he is not stopping until he gets what he wants or until he is satisfied with the result. What better way to get the competition which is Trey Songz. Speaking of Trey, he has no kind of loyalty anyway. Why do I say that? Well he left D2Management to make money with Kevin Liles, and had no remorse about his decision he actually got his mother to call and inform his management their services were no longer needed. Since leaving D2 management, Trey Songz hasn’t really had a hit since. Trey Songz is Kevin’s biggest artist and I guess real money maker out his roster, I think we have a problem Houston. This will be a no brainer for Trey……..Roc Nation can offer for starters tours with Rihanna, hits songs Ester Dean, lifetime membership at 40/40 (joking) and Jay will definitely hop on your song and make it platinum.

Can Jay-Z take Trey Songz to another level?

The answer is YES… Jay can make anyone hot, it’s just up to the artist to take the torch once Jay passes it and run like hell with it. I don’t think Trey would have an issue, because he already has a solid fan base, maybe not as big as Chris Brown, but they are loyal… I don’t see this being an issue whatsoever!

Will this move hurt Kevin Liles? I would think so! Now more than ever, Trey Songz is his “life-line” we hear Def Jam made him manage Trey they were tired of him sitting in his office all day just collecting a check.

Time will tell once everything unfolds where Trey will go and where his loyalty will lie………

Exclusive: Jay-Z wants to sign Trey Songz to Roc Nation Management ? | TattleTailzz