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Thread: Mshoza Bleached Her Skin To Look Like MJ

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    Default Mshoza Bleached Her Skin To Look Like MJ

    South African kwaito star Mshoza is bleaching her skin to look like the late Michael Jackson.

    According to reports on gossip sites and in the Sunday Sun, Mshoza, who has already had a boob and nose job, is undergoing treatment to lighten her skin. The websites say that she started the skin bleaching process three months ago with a dermatologist in Sunninghill, Johannesburg.

    The procedure also requires her to take pills on a daily basis and to use sunscreen and an umbrella whenever she goes outdoors.

    The pantsula queen also told Sunday Sun:

    ďI love the fact that I look younger and my skin is clear. I want to be like Michael Jackson. I know that black is beautiful. I donít hate being black. Iím just enhancing my beauty. I loved myself when I was dark, and I love myself now that Iím lighter."
    Mshoza, who is married to Witbank businessman Jacob Mnisi, says she's also planning to tighten her thighs, do her calves and wants to go to Brazil to get a butt job.

    Many would argue that the star is messing with what God gave her, while others say she has the right to do what she wants with her body. What do you say? Would you ever change your looks, and how far would you go?

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    looks pretty good i guess!!!!!!!!!

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    If true therapy might help her, but it looks too late!

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