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Thread: Is the Industry Blackballing 50 Cent? - Interesting Read

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    Default Is the Industry Blackballing 50 Cent? - Interesting Read

    When 50 Cent released Before I Self Destruct and it came out to less than stellar first week numbers. It was a blow to 50 Centís ambiguous ego. Here is a guy who used record sales as his way of destroying competitors and bragged about how hot he truly was. When BISD was released and it didnít do what 50 expected Many within hip hop rejoiced that Hip Hopís bad guy finally took a fall.

    Bloggers were happy that the bully who been punking out their favorite rappers throughout his entire career caught a serious brick. 50 even knew himself that this was gonna be a hard pill to swallow being that dude had finished running down Rick Rossís camp Triple Cís for pitiful first week sales numbers.

    So when did it start?
    People have blamed many factors for 50′s numbers or musical decline Many claimed it was oversatuation of his brand, that he alienated alot of his core by going after alot of their beloved favorites(Jadakiss, Lil Wayne, Kanye West) or the fact that more of his retail albums were aimed for the commercial bases. Well the truth of the matter is that all of this started in 2007.

    2007 was pretty much a start of what we know today is a decline in hip hop but still at that same notion, It was edgy to the point where people wanted it censored due to the nature of the content.When Don Imus called a group of black women ďnappy headed hoesĒ It somehow got ricocheted to hip hop and the media wanted to focus instead of the dialogue that possibly influenced Imus to say those racist remarks. 50 took upon himself to speak on Hip Hopís behalf and even through poke shots at Master p.

    50 Cent at this time period was feeling himself and becoming real!!y. He was given the Monkier Mr Interscope because He had ALOT of power because Interscope trusted his every move being that he went 12 million out the gate with his first album and 1.5 million first week with his second.

    50 tried his hand at Hollywood as well and was successful on that end too. As the 50 Cent brand grew larger due to his intelligence in the business world, So did his popularity among white people(Famous and non-famous) since Eminem was batting his personal depression. The Lindsey Lohans, Paris Hilton,s Donald Trumps, and many other big time whites of the world wanted to be around 50 movement.

    Throughout the competitive rap scene, 50 Cent still was on top and was labeled as intimidating. He had used alot of his leverage given by Jimmy Iovine to kick Game off Interscope and push Styles Pís album back. He had alot of money and power but Styles P may have said something to have hit a nerve during his phone conversation with 50: You forgot where you came from.

    The Farrakhan and Master P factor
    The Honorable Minister Farrakhan spoke out on the negative stereotypes portrayed by media for blacks on BET and specifically called out 50 Cent by claiming he was a good brother but he was being told to do and ran by devils at Interscope:

    50 Cent, My brother is rich because heís helping Satan to keep you where you are, He donít know that, Heís a good person and high. He lived a rough life where he was shot 9 times, But the offer that he got, He must be doing something right for satan but something wrong for your people. Heís already made you rich but heís planning to take something from you.

    Master P responded to 50 Centís poke shots in a very powerful letter:
    There are four things that differentiate me from artists like Curtis Jackson. One, I can honestly admit that I was once part of the problem.

    Two, I donít want my son to grow up and be like me. I want him to be better and do better Ė and that is why he is taking the time to pursue a college degree.

    Three, money donít make me, I make money. My goal is to educate our people in building generational wealth and knowing how important it is to own real estate.

    Four, Iím a TRUE entrepreneur; my boss is God not Jimmy Iovine. From one brother to another, if you misunderstand my purpose you could always pick up the phone or talk to me in person. Iím trying to be part of the solution not the problem. The media thrive on entertaining, especially the negativity no matter what the cost. Iím praying for the brothers that are lost out there.

    Master Pís letter and intelligence got the best of 50 Cent. 50 when he was hosting Rap City for the week promoting his Curtis album invited P to the show and two of the brothers talked everything out. Alot of the things P was saying was truthful and at times made it like he was actually SCHOOLING 50. 50 humbled himself and shook Master Pís hand afterwards.

    Evidence of rebelling
    It seemed shortly there after the Rap City conversation that 50 started reacting differently. Starting with him purposely leaking songs from his album because he felt Interscope was stalling. This was a big no-no within the music industry. Artists donít have that right to leak their own records wtihout top approval and 50 broke one of these rules.

    Being fed up with Interscope all of a sudden stalling and vowing to break free to gain independence back, He created his own media outlet with the monies he accumulated called which was a social media network where he can test out his new music and interact with his fans because he felt with him being in this new world that he was disconnecting from his core. wound up being a major hit for 50 and Interscope wasnít seeing a piece of it. The He called out his BOSS Jimmy Iovine on the track Southside which was very unheard of saying that he doesnít have NO boss and that nobody runs him. This was 50′s way of rebelling.

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    The Beast at work
    Interscope among with other labels pushing the G-Unit brand knew that they had a serious problem on their hands. 50 Cent at this time was a HUGE. He was intelligent, He wasn’t the type to be bullied or punked around and he had woken up and realized that he wasn’t as powerful as he thought he was(Thanks to reality check by Master P and Farrakhan) so he started becoming dangerous and uncontrollable due to his antics of picking on other chosen to promoted rappers(Lil Wayne, Kanye West) and the fact that he accumulated SO MUCH MONEY that he can build distribution anywhere scared them. So they had to find ways to bring him down.

    2.Turn his own crew members against him
    They had already made Game turn against the Gunit and that became bad business for both as it turns out today but they also clearly as I stated in an entry I did a long time ago that they wanted to get into Young Buck’s ear and have him believe that he was bigger than G Unit. That He didn’t need 50 Cent and the Interscope machine is gonna make Cashville records bigger than he imagined.

    What people don’t know was that 50 was gonna branch off G Unit South and give him Cashville records to run with G-Unit being a possible distributor. But all of those plans went to dust as Young Buck started going against 50 and the Unit. He spoke out against Tony Yayo possibly putting his hands on Jimmy Henchman’s son and got on stage yelling “!! G-Unit”.

    But when 50 dropped the infamous phone conversation where it exposed a desperate and humbled Young Buck who was reduced to tears. This was the move that destroyed Young Buck’s career and while it may have been a clever move on 50′s part, The departure of Buck hurt in the long run as they lost that Southern following.

    3.Purposely sabatoging G-Unit releases and harsh content.
    As much as 50 Cent catered to the radio with his retail releases, He did a smart thing by catering to his core with the releases of his mixtapes. As a boss, He was similar to Suge Knight because he would let his artist say what they wanted to say.

    Even Tony Yayo spoke out on what he felt was blackballing by Interscope:

    Long-time G-Unit member Tony Yayo is calling out his former record label, Interscope Records. Yayo says that not only did Interscope blackball G-Unit’s projects but 50 Cent’s also. From Yayo’s view, he began to notice the label’s lack of involvement when G-Unit’s last “Terminate On Site” album hit stores in the summer of 2008.

    “I feel like Interscope was trying to blackball me,” Yayo explained in an interview. “But to each’s own, man, like, when T.O.S. came out, I felt like it was a classic album, T.O.S., but I felt like, a lot of stuff I was starting to learn about the [rap] game, like, why wasn’t our album up two weeks ahead of time on iTunes? You know what I’m saying? It feels like there’s always something messed up, I felt the office up here, G-Unit, was doing more work than Interscope. That’s why I feel like I was getting blackballed.”

    Knowing the past headaches given to the Powerups at Interscope by Suge Knight and Tupac Shakur in the past, Interscope knew that they couldn’t have another powerful black man challenge them. But when he tried to translate alot of those “harsh realities” into retail, Interscope wouldn’t green light him. Starting with Prodigy having to censor his verse off Pearly Gates where he takes his beef with Jesus Christ and questions the hypocrisy of religion. The album while wasn’t great didn’t receive as much of a push possibly due to the nature of that song.

    Game also had a song off Documentary called We Will Survive which talked about gang unity, racism, the cease of black on black crime, and slavery. The song was omitted from The Documentary but he was allowed to keep the rest of the songs which consisted of gang banging. Young Buck’s Buck The World would suffer the same as they wouldn’t allow the Anti Police song Take Me Alive on the album.

    4.Turn Eminem and Dr Dre against him
    Instead of riding with their protegť who obviously brought them millions with his first 2 albums along with him inheriting their beefs with Benzino and Suge Knight when it was unneccessary. Dr Dre and Eminem this time would leave 50 Cent out to fiend for himself. If When you can’t bring in the serious revenue as before, They will tell you to kick rocks and its on to the next bandwagon. The relationship among the 3 wouldn’t be as strong within the following years of Eminem’s return in 2009 and Dre working on Detox.

    Dre and Eminem would still collab with 50 from time to time but the magic within those songs weren’t present and you can hear it within the songs. Dr Dre decided to play follower once again by abandoning G Unit despite the fact that G-Unit put a beatdown on a Suge Knight Affilate for attacking Dr Dre at the 2004 Vibe awards and start hanging and doing songs with people who 50 isn’t too fond with. The same with Eminem as he would collab with Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and many others who’ve 50 took shots at over the years. 50 should have known by watching how Dre threw Game under the bus that he doesn’t move on loyalty but only green and Eminem only followed suit because of Dre.

    A Change of Heart
    It seemed that 50 Cent has seen the error of his ways and became more humbled than ever before. Gone are the days where he would brag about being Mr Interscope and stopped becoming the !!ery of the Industry. He’s now starting to take the money he’s accumulated and destined to make a difference. He was smart enough to accumulate enough money to where he doesn’t have to rap anymore for the rest of his life. He formed a pro Unity free concert unifying beefing rappers or rappers from New York whom he had beefed with together in Queens for one day. The Concert made headlines showcasing unity among NYC and Squashed all vendettas with Dipset, The LOX, among others.

    50 himself has made alot of monumental changes in his life since his album tanked and it made him go through a humbling experience. Gone are the days where he’s bullying rappers or running down their record sales on the radio. He’s now challenging an est@blishment along with a broken system who he felt was being supressed.

    50 has displayed concern for his people possibly for the first time in his career. He started a TV show where he wanted to retrace his roots along with starting Street King Energy drinks where he has a goal to feed a billion people in Africa.

    We’ll see in the future but you can’t help but to respect the fact that 50 saw the error of his ways and now want to really make a difference. While some of what I’ve said are speculated, Theres an obvious vendetta going on within the Interscope camp and the possibly felt that 50 was getting way too powerful so they had to find a way to shut down his label. Luckly for him he got out with his life and his dignity.

    “Im Down to Sell Records but not my Soul”
    50 Cent on Patiently Waiting

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    PPC Management Agency
    i throughly enjoyed reading the article...i hope 50 can continue to be a beacon of light & positivity for the rest. i'll forgive him if he have to go after a sucker mc in the future, just as long as he "preach the truth to the young black youth."

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