The Simmons': Deeply Rooted in Love & Light (PHOTOS) | Global Grind

Family is the most important aspect in a person's life, and nearly every family survives by the strength of the women behind it.

In an exclusive Mother's Day spread in Ebony Magazine, the entire Simmons family poses for a sophisticated photo op.

With Rev Run and Russell pioneering the way early on, this family is still deeply rooted in hip-hop. But, more importantly, they are deeply rooted in love and integrity.

There's no denying the strength of the Simmons' family, as literally every member of the family not only has their own individual talents, but a good head on their shoulders, which can be accredited to the amazing women who hold their family together!

Shout out to all the amazing mothers out there who hold their families down and guide their children in the way of love and light! Pick up the issue of Ebony when it hits stands on April 17th!