NY Post reporter calls JR Smith "As Big A Punk as there is in NBA"

Marc Berman from the NY POST (known as "Berman from the Post" to his media colleagues) called J.R. Smith a "punk" on twitter after a flagrant foul call on Leandro Barbosa late in the Knicks 112-104 loss against the Pacers. After the game, Smith called the New York media "vultures" who create drama just to "sell papers." Smith also retweeted Berman's punk tweet. For the record, head coach Mike Woodson called Smith's actions against Barbosa unprofessional.

Calling somebody a punk is apparently crossing the line, and Marc Berman apologized the following day.

NYPOST reporter calls J.R. Smith "as big a punk as there is in the NBA" , later apologizes | IamaGM.com

JR Smith calls NY media "Vultures", Woodson labels JR Smiths play on Barbosa as "Unprofessional"
At the end of the Knicks 112-104 loss to the Indiana Pacers Tuesday night, J.R. Smith got into a shoving match with Leandro Barbosa. The Knicks shooting guard was called for a Flagrant 2, triggering an automatic ejection.

After the game, head coach Mike Woodson called the incident "unprofessional" on Smith's part. The Knicks head coach planned to speak to Smith after the game about the altercation.

Interim Mike Woodson called Smith’s display “unprofessional,” and really he could have been talking about the entire team over the final 13 minutes, when the Knicks got outworked by the Pacers. .... “I’ll sit down and talk to J.R. and tell him you got to be a little more professional,’’ he said. “Maybe I should’ve pulled him. I didn’t. But I’ll talk to him because that was unprofessional I think.’’

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Veteran referee Joey Crawford wasted no time ejecting Smith and, after reviewing a replay, ruled it a Flagrant Foul 2. Afterward, as a small group of reporters surrounded his locker, Smith reached the conclusion that the media were nothing more than “vultures” looking to stir up “controversy to sell papers.”