Toya Wright goes hard in the paint for her boo Memphitz!

Last night, she set twitter on fire while watching the premiere of T-Painís VH1 Behind The Music Special. As she settled into her cozy seat to watch the show, she tweeted to her fans, ďWatching T-Painís behind the musicÖ.. Waiting to see if they give my luv his props.í

You see, years ago, her husband Memphitz (an A&R intern at Jive at the time), discovered T-Pain after he was handed his music by a mixtape DJ. Although, T-Pain wasnít exactly interested in being an artist (he preferred to write songs for Akon and other artists instead), Memphitz paid a visit to T-Pain, signed him to Jive, A&Ríd his project and launched him into musical superstardom with the release of his biggest hits ĎIím Sprungí and ďIím In Love With A Stripperí. The success of T-Pain and other signees to Jive helped Memphitz obtain his own imprint through the label and eventually secure a position as VP of A&R, however this piece of info was left out of the VH1 special which left Toya furious. Moments later, she tweeted ĎF*CK TPAIN!ÖTurns ChannelĎ.

Memphitz was also puzzled by the omitted info and tweeted:

LooVe I dont get enuff of it, all I get is these Vampires & Blood suckers, all I see is these n-ggas I made MillionairesÖ.

When ur Past Fails prepare u 4 Your Future Successes. It All Begins 2 Make Perfect Sense. #MiDDLEFiNGER2MYOLDL iFE #GODSPEEDAHEAD #BANG

GOD Sent Her To Me. #NowWhoGoNSTopMeHuh?

The public twitter lashing didnít sit too well with T-Pain who responded (via twitter of course because itís definitely the new phone call -_- )

I did a 6hr interview for Vh1 and didnít control what they cut out. I told the whole story. But if itís ďf-ck meĒ then thatís what it is

If all it takes for you to say ďf-ck t painĒ is havin your part of the story cut out by a network. Then what kind of friend is that anyway

Get at me bra. Itís easy to get on twitter and say f-ck t pain but you canít get on here and say Thanx for 100k and the three cars

Itís all good tho. Iím used to it by now. I just didnít expect it from you. Good luck with the new show.

You got my number bra. I got a missed call from you two nights ago. So if we gone have a talk Iíd rather not do it on twitter yasimelike

[Akon's brother] @bukonvict you see ya boy and his girl goin in on me? How long was your interview? And how much important sh-t did they cut out your sh-t?

Fortunately, The boys may have hopped on the phone with each other and hashed it out because Memphitz tweeted hours later:

There is NO BEEF. ABSOLUTLEY NONE. So Stop Looking For It TweepLe. #IMWORKIN

Twitter fans really donít have to go very far to look for a beef when it is spread all across their public timelines -_-. Hopefully, Memphitz gets his deserved props the next go round.

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