That's why I'm pleased to report Deadline's news that the Avatar and Transformers actresses are teaming up for a new action heist film called Swindle from a spec script that Paramount Pictures just picked up. Moneyball producer Michael De Luca is behind the project and the two sultry stars will also be producing the film themselves.

As of now there aren't any plot details, but really all we need to know is that it's a heist film and two of Hollywood's hottest stars are leading it. At least that's all the teenage boys will need to know to get them in the seats. Each actress is pretty busy this year as Fox has both Friends with Kids and Judd Apatow's This is Forty hitting theaters this year. Meanwhile, Saldana is shooting J.J. Abrams' Star Trek sequel as we speak, and she was also just added to Guillaume Canet's 70's crime thriller Blood Ties with Billy Crudup, Clive Owen, Mila Kunis and Marion Cotillard.