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Thread: Lastarya: Bad Girl Gone Good Gone Bad Again?

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    Default Lastarya: Bad Girl Gone Good Gone Bad Again?

    Well, it turns out that Lastarya is back on the market. It seems that it was Ray who was keeping her in line as she's been tweeting some very sexy stuff recently from her Instagram and Viddy accounts. Do you think she'll be back to her former self again?

    http://<embed flashvars="file=http:/...height="480"/>

    http://<embed flashvars="file=http:/...height="480"/>

    http://<embed flashvars="file=http:/...height="480"/>
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    I don't she will come back like she was before with pics and video.

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    welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I would really do some medieval ish to that frame for days. Star is the prototype frame(best in the game). That first pic is crazy, you can catch shade under that wagon. SMH Ray-Ray miss that. LMAO

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