I was working on something and just wanted to ask WHY are white people so THREATENED and AFRAID of Black athletes celebrating ESPECIALLY in football?

Just to get this part out of the way it isn't like white pro athletes don't celebrate or break rules.

Joe Namath not only wore white sneakers he guaranteed a win in an era to hear old white sports writers tell it was a PURE age of sports. A Black athlete does the same and he is arrogant, putting undue pressure on his teammates and disrespectful of the other team.

We have ALL seen the reaction to Cam Newton but they have been doing this for YEARS. And interestingly Cam may be the MOST philanthropic athlete in the league right now. (Actually I would love to do some research because I would argue that Black male athletes are probably the MOST charitable out of ALL the sports associations)

But the reaction is so damn VISCERAL they HATE it complain bitch and moan and damn near agonize over it...Even at teams for players on their OWN teams.

The constant refrain is "Act like you been here before!"

But white spectators acct like they have NEVER seen a touchdown celebration before.

Homer Carroll Jones invented the football spike Touchdown celebration

but how come the the discount double check and Gronk spike bother anyone?

While talking heads on ESPN try to re-write history Terrel Owens and Chad Johnson did NOT have any off the field issues. And most of the teams who locker rooms they alleged DESTROYED self destructed AFTER they left.

So I just wanted to ask...

we KNOW they hate us but what SPECIFICALLY is it about the touchdown celebration that boils they blood?