As if we didn’t have enough Josh Norman hot takes to wade through at the moment, Falcons wide receiver Roddy White has stirred up a whole new batch of them.

The Falcons wide receiver told Vaughn McClure of that he he wasn’t overwhelmed by the Panthers cornerback, after yesterday’s sparring with Giants wideout Odell Beckham.

“I don’t believe he’s a tough guy,” White said. “When you say you’re out there talking, I don’t pay attention to guys like that. I just don’t think he’s a tough guy.”

As if that wasn’t enough to get Norman’s attention this week, he went onto say that most of Norman’s success this year was about his team rather than his individual talent (which is kind of the point of football, though White seemed to miss that this year).

“Their defense is good,” White said. “He ain’t over there just sitting there locking people up. They don’t play defense like that. That’s not how they play football.”

White wasn’t finished, however, saying he didn’t put Norman in the category of cornerbacks such as Darrelle Revis, Champ Bailey, Al Harris (?!), Aqib Talib or Richard Sherman. What the Chiefs secondary coach did to get on that list is unclear, though it must have made an impression since Harris retired after the 2011 season. But White said Norman wasn’t in their zip code.

“Hell no,” White said. “You must be trippin’, Of covering people? You’ve got to man up and go out there and get after people if you’re going to be that. You can’t sit back and play zone, dropping, playing Cover-2 for half the game and say you’re locking people up. Come on, man. Everybody knows that.”

Of course, this would be more interesting if Norman ended up covering White this week. But since Julio Jones will be occupying his attention, White might not have a chance to continue the conversation.