Sacha Baron Cohen has made a career of playing dimwitted sorts, with "Bruno," "Borat," and "The Dictator" making for an unofficially trilogy of idiocy. But all of those movies, to varying degrees, also served sly commentary and substance beneath the laughs. As for "The Brothers Grimsby," thus far it seems to double down on the dumb, without bringing much else to the table.

A new green band trailer for the movie has landed, and while the opening, featuring super agent Mark Strong kicking ass is much of the same, we get a new scene tagged on the end. This time around, instead of having sex with this girlfriend in a mattress store, Cohen's soccer hooligan reveals an over-enthusiastic tattoo to the disbelief of his brother. Let's hope the jokes in the movie are a bit better.

"The Brothers Grimsby" arrives on March 4, 2016.