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Thread: Sam Jackson to Star As Sho-Nuff in "The Last Dragon" Remake

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    Default Sam Jackson to Star As Sho-Nuff in "The Last Dragon" Remake

    When I saw this story something flashed in my head, The Last Dragon? I'm sure I remember that film, and Samuel L. Jackson's name was attached so I thought I'd read it. Then I saw the picture of the villain and I remembered that I really enjoyed the movie when it first came out, I just couldn't remember much about it.

    So I tracked down an extended trailer for the film, a trailer that actually gives away the entire original film! Luckily I found another one that's much less revealing. However cheesy it looks I like the idea of a remake...but Samuel L. Jackson? Not so sure.

    You see the baddie in the film, Sho'nuff, or the Shogun of Harlem, does a fair bit of martial arts, is pretty fit, and without any offence intended to the great Samuel L. Jackson, he's a bit older for the role I would think...and does he know Kung-Fu? Just plug him in to the Hollywood Matrix.

    The film is a pretty standard tale in the martial arts series of films that came out of Hollywood, but I liked this one a little more than Karate Kid et al, because it has a much more advanced martial artist good guy, and contains a lot more Bruce Lee nods and references. It's more like the final chapter in the artist's journey, rather than the opening ones....

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    this was my movie back in the day

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    not sure how i feel bout remaking a classic of this caliber

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    ^ thought the same thing. seems like it would be too cheesy in this day/time. sam jackson is perfect for this role though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony View Post
    not sure how i feel bout remaking a classic of this caliber
    yeah I think they should leave this movie alone.

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    Sam Jackson of course.

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    Mr Jackson is one of the good ones

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    could be good

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