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Thread: Damn Atl cats breaking in Footlocker for Spacejam Jordans.. R U Serious

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    Default Damn Atl cats breaking in Footlocker for Spacejam Jordans.. R U Serious

    Smash-and-grab burglars struck two southwest Atlanta shoe stores just minutes apart early Tuesday, and police arrested six people a short time later at an apartment complex south of downtown.

    The first burglary happened about 3:45 a.m. at the Foot Locker store in the 2000 block of Campbellton Road, according to police dispatchers, who reported that the suspects possibly fled in a green minivan and a white car.
    Less than 30 minutes later, the Foot Locker store in the 2600 block of Metropolitan Parkway was burglarized, also by suspects in a green minivan and a white car, according to dispatchers.
    About 10 minutes after the second burglary, police responded to a call at an apartment complex at Fulton and Formwalt streets in the Mechanicsville neighborhood about a group of males "putting stuff in a van" from another vehicle.

    Officers found numerous boxes of shoes inside the van.
    Atlanta police spokesman Eric Schwartz said officers arrested two adults and four juveniles. Two of those arrested are confirmed members of the "30 Deep" street gang, Schwartz said.
    All six were charged with burglary, theft by receiving and violating the criminal gang statute.
    Last week, police arrested six other alleged members of the 30 Deep gang in connection with other recent smash-and-grab burglaries.

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    Default gotta get it

    deez sum hard times man

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    space jams were the shit though, but not like that!!

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    the line at my mall was ridiculous...i had to go to three different places but i got my two pairs.

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    i got a pair...certain j's make people do dumb shit to get them

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    Will you need protection in jail when they find out what you did to get in?!?

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    I had those joints back in the day

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    idk why jordan is still makin these kick so fckin expensive know how shyt is!

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    it is not that serious! over some damn shoes that been out!

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    PPC Management Agency
    Jordans are the shit but damn!!!!

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