Floyd Mayweather Shows Support For Tyga’s Mom At Her Event

· December 16, 2013

The last time we spotted Tyga and Floyd Mayweather they were partying in the Los Angeles Supperclub for Young Money star Tyga’s 24th birthday.

I don’t know if Floyd Mayweather pulled up to Tyga’s mom event in his convertible white Bugatti with a trail of cars behind him like how he pulls up the night club.. He looks like he took a break from training to show his homie Tyga and his mom some love. Blac Chyna wasn’t in the building.
Tyga definitely favors his moms who appears to be Blasian.

In an interview with Fight Hype, Floyd killed the idea of us seeing a Pacquiao fight by saying “Everybody’s talking about the ti*le he’s the mandatory. He can have the belt! A belt don’t make me. A belt doesn’t define Floyd Mayweather.” It only meant one thing, as I’ve been saying long before, that the fight is not going to happen!

Floyd even questioned WBC’s choice of Pacquiao being the number one challenger. He insisted that Pacquiao is 1-2 in his last three fights and that his PPV drawing prowess continues to dip lower while Floyd is breaking his own record. Manny’s pay per view buys might have dwindled, but compared to Floyd’s opponent, still, Pacquiao is the only fighter that can give Floyd more than 100 million dollars in just one fight.

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  1. NoWhiteInMyCup says:

    FLYOD Bittch azz stay making excues and lies about PAC, even though i think Pac is no match for May.

    Who gives a fcuk about the belt nobody cares, we want to see yall fight, n.gga stop running

    First he said PAQ needed to take drug test, then PAQ agreed

    Then he said Paq needs to take blood drug test right before the fight, then finally paq agreed

    Then he stalled for so long that paq retired (can you blame him) and flyod admitted that he was scared of losing because boxing was all he had

    Then he Said he would fight PAQ but pack had to take a pay cut, Paq agreed to 60 and take less 40 percent, flyod said no 30 percent

    Then PAQ said lets do winner takes all (g*shit), FLoyd said no, because they might rig fight

    Now PAC is back in discussion and now MAYWEATHER saying he questioning boxing and saying its about the belt and questioning PAC ranking.

    I promise flyod is a better fighter, but he is so scared mentally of losing one fight and falling off that he will do everything in his power not to fight this man, biiitch made n.gga

    • WHATDAHELL says:

      do your research. its about floyd and Bob Arum. he doesn’t want to make ANY money whatsoever to put in Arum’s pockets. Floyd said Arum still owe him money from way back when he was contracted to him. at this point, Floyd’s only real challenge is Tim Bradley but he’s an Arum fighter too so that wont happen either. I don’t buy PPV so it don’t bother me that his next 4 matches will be sparring sessions instead of close fights. just enjoy the ride and bet on Floyd for the guaranteed W and come up.

      • OTIS.... says:

        Thank you bruh

        Floyd tried giving these niggas a fight. Agreed to everything Pac wanted and all Mayweather asked for was a drug test and Pacs scary ass tried copping pleas.

        Then these niggas put up fake timelines, said Manny had fake cuts, fake stadiums needed to be built, etc. They never wanted the fight they was trying to milk cash off Floyd name

        and NOW that Pac is getting dropped and going broke, they’re trying to force/beg for a fight with Floyd when that nigga don’t need Manny to make 100 Million off a fight. Nigga makes about 100 Million or close to it in every fight now

        Fuck Pac and Top Rank… and any real boxing head knows how that fight will go. Floyd has like an 8 inch reach advantage over pac, he’s quicker, better counter puncher than Marquez, uses footwork, bigger fighter, etc.

  2. BnBHP says:

    K.D. Aubert…… whoa…

  3. Cakes(overtime) says:

    Those cupcakes are small as hell and they dont look that appealing either

  4. BzB says:

    who is shorty with the cornrows and last pic 2nd from the left? looking kinda nice

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