Floyd Mayweather Counts A Million On His Private Jet (Video)

· August 21, 2012

Here is some morning motivation to make money today. Watching some one count more than you probably made in your career is always a humbling experience. When Floyd starts counting cash we all know The Money Team is working.

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  1. jamar says:

    does he have the formula for going broke.

  2. Chill out Floyd and stay humble.

  3. Now Thats Pcp says:

    This sh1t aint no humbling experience, this just shows a lost dude bragging, this brother got all that influence, money, n power yet his hometown detroit is still in sh1t…u can post a vid telling me bout $$$$$ but u cant post a vid telling kids about there history, economics, etc ….man screw that sun, Floyd need 2 wake up…he such a powerful figure the young man will listen to yet everytime we see em, we rarely get jewels or science, he just on his money team sh1t.

    • Hahz says:

      For those who think they make real money never counted it like this.

    • Hahz says:

      Everyone has a different purpose in life.. Floyd is motivating people in different ways. Everyone public black figure isn’t meant to give Malcom X speeches to motivate black people Pcp. He donates money and talks to the youth,you can google that info.

      • Now Thats Pcp says:

        thats the problem right there, we havent had any REAL public figures since the 60’s and what motivation is he giving in different ways, if its all about money then hes doing nothing but help destroy the black psyche….folks dont have to be like X to drop knowledge, u just have a a sincere heart about the matter, its crazy these folks can give speeches about y u should watch me fight, buy my cd, or come to my shows etc but cant give consistent attention to the problems of the very consumers that made them

        • Hahz says:

          What your definition of a public figure?

          • Now Thats Pcp says:

            malcom, huey newton, khalid muhamaad, dr. oyibo, dr. ray hagin, farrakhan, garvey, nat turner, harriet etc

          • BzB says:

            i don’t see any boxers on your list…

          • PapiChulo says:

            Feel ya and agree everyone aint going to be Malcom, but and it aint just about the flashing of the money, the problem is that the nicca is just lame, WHY do i say that, its because i remember flyod from back in the day, i remember hi doing an old rap city countdown before he was really big and the nicca was super humble, now flash foward and the money has changed his persona.

            If you a boss, you gone be the same boss with or without money, thats swag money cant buy, Just look at T.I , TIP was the same nicca when he first came in the game and didnt have major money and still the same nicca with same swagg now.

            FLOYD AND 50 Are just lames, like ROSS said neither can dress, they just name drop and buy expensive shiiit, they both lames, he trick off and let the mony change him

            I guarantee you that if FLOYD lost to PACMAN, all that swagg, all the flashy shiiit will go out the window, thats why he scared to fight, the nicca just lame to me period

  4. MoorFedayeen says:

    So I wonder what cats like Warren Buffet would say if they were on that jet? Always good to see a rich black but he’s acting real coonish and like he just stepped out the ghetto, never having a thing before.

    • DonkRida® says:

      Yeah mon, you won’t see Warren Buffet or Mark Zukenburg doing this. Why do this, on top of that record it

      • MoorFedayeen says:

        Basically. In our world the media tries hard to sum a black Americans life up by the volume of sex and money he obtains, meanwhile these white folks are traveling the globe trying new cultures, enjoying life the way it was meant to be. And when they die they still have a small fortune to leave behind for the kids unlike us because we spent all ours on European products and clubbing; a vicious cycle it will remain. Now I just spelled it out for these dumb n1ggas. If u still don’t understand then u stuck on stupid. Don’t follow this clown.

        • Now Thats Pcp says:


          • PapiChulo says:

            And as far as him donating to homeless, he makes 30 million a fight, thats just a tax write off, the n.gga is bittch made

        • jamar says:

          +100….there’s white people that can pull out way more money than this clown,but they choose to keep it on the low…when a n!gger gets money(not a blackman,a n!gger)he gots to show the whole world..them fake a$$ jews got money by the trailor load,but they dont flaunt it,they dont even buy the same stuff n!ggers buy.

  5. BzB says:

    floyd is new money 1st gen rich. his best friend made a name talking about how to rob and getting shot up. plus he’s taken a lot of blows to the head over the years. can’t really set your expectations too high.

  6. Mister Mister says:

    I already told ya’ll my prediction for Floyd & the Money Team. That money going to try up after his fighting career & he cannot successfully transition from fighting to promoting

  7. Damn homie says:

    This Nigga and birdman corny as fcuk. I mean everytime you see the Nigga he puttin on, it’s nothing wrong wit shining, but give it a break sometime and show some intelligence

    • PapiChulo says:

      One thing about Baby though is that his shine bling shiiit is alot for show, but best believe he gets down to business too.

      Flyod is just a fcuk nicca coon. 4 years ago he was broke and owed the IRS money, he blew over 100 million. i promise and wish that everyone would boycott his biitch azz until him and PACMAN fight

  8. Southwestern says:

    I’ll take my mental and spiritual wealth over his money any day. He clearly has self-worth and esteem issues. Not having a strong family structure affects the grown and rich just like the young and poor. Dummies think he’s cool. Intelligent people feel sorry for him.

  9. E-Dub says:

    A wealthy man once said if you have you don’t have to show it.

    • PapiChulo says:


      Honestly whats the purpose of this video

      The fact is that he is worth millions, salute, but the sad thing is that he could be worth billions

  10. Pose says:

    I don’t see the motivation in this bullsh1t. Can’t be mad, though. I just wish he would do something positive with that money. Probably not…

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