Flo Rida attempts to out shine Justin Bieber’s leopard-print Audi R8, with his new Bugatti Veyron gold chrome finish wrap courtesy of Metro Wrapz. Are you feeling this new look?

  • Truthteller

    Made it look raggedy

  • MoorDetroitRed

    You just don’t touch or alter a Bugatti. Typical nigg

    • keys

      but when the sheikhs do it its ok? Its a wrap, not paint. It can be peeled off and it doesn’t harm the original paint on the car.

      • MoorDetroitRed

        Shakes are clowns too. Why else do you think they’re called sand n1ggers.

        But naw Flo is cool. Just leave it factory ffs

        • NoWhiteInMyCup

          indeed alot of those fools inherit oil money and are clowns too, they look like str8 fools

    • justo

      Niggas dont understand that this shit was done by arabs in 2002 when i was out there they been done this now we on it all them rich arabs had they cars wraped in chorme

  • ignant a$$

  • Greg4422

    They did an amazing job applying the wrap, props on craftsmanship, but it doesn’t look good on this car. I don’t see how Flo Rida became famous, his music sucks you can tell he’s not from the streets.

    • I Cry

    • Cause he doesn’t make music for the block he makes international music that the masses like, that is why he can afford that car.

      • MoorDetroitRed

        International club music for young fairly affluent or children of affluent parents. Its beats anything 100% of the ATL rappers are doing. Wiz is kinda the same.

        • He doesn’t make rap any more, you can’t compare the two.

          • MoorDetroitRed

            He never did. He sorta like T Pain or the his best parts. Easy to compare cause looking at him he looks like just another trap rapper.

      • Greg4422

        lol…I thought it sounded strange for some reason…hey I’m not hating on him…get that money, but I just not feeling it.

  • Cakes(shake responsibly)

    Its really…shiny lol i kinda like it though.this is definitely for more flashier individuals *shrugs*