Usually we try to hold the Thickness Thursday grand finale till the end of the day which some times results in it happening on Friday. We have the Fav 15 instagram models of the day and all there voluptuous curves. Models Portia Jenkins, Rosa Acosta, Elke The Stallion, Deelishis, Amazin Amie, Mizz Twersum, Stephanie Santiago, Ayisha Diaz and more are all in the mix. Who won this pose down?

  • jamar

    chocolate girl in leopard tights kinda jumped off the page…elke thick as h3ll,but strange in the face…Rosa flawless as usual.

    • bigblackdude

      +1 bruh

      • MoorFedayeen

        Chocolate reign. I ain’t surprised. As you were.

        • bigblackdude

          @Moor, is this what you were referring to…

          • Lmfao!!!@big black. That’s @moor singing the song with his lens crafters glasses on,sweating like hell in the booth LOL.

          • presto 2.0

            lmfao!…”yep…thats @Moor”….wit them choco version “Beats” by Dre…dem shyts 14.99 on QVC….lol

          • MoorFedayeen

            I knew someone would post that vid. Started to reference the dude myself. That vid only has like 100 million views, literally.

          • bigblackdude

            @Moor, you left yourself wide open with that chocolate statement bruh, LOL

  • Boston617

    Rosa even though she aight it’s really her shorts, what I assume to be Portia, mz twerksum, shawty in the leopard, and the peach leggings are the winners! Oh yeah ayisha Diaz got one of the prettiest faces known to man. But shawty in the leopard leggings in the one that stands out the most with her sexy ass skin complexion

  • trap101

    Well isn’t that a surprise……the winning team…..wins again. We BP Corping over here.

    • Red BP Monopoly

      *Raises BP Flag* & *Raises Middle Finger to @Moor*

      • MoorFedayeen

        F#ck that middle finger. Next time you see me, Salute Me or Shoot Me. Its the Coalition. 1st/25th Battalion TC Stryker Brigade. Hoorah

      • trap101

        ^^^^Big Album right there @Red, some classic ish………i think i heard a mouse squeaking? Is that @Moor puffin’ out his pigeon chest again?

        • MoorFedayeen

          Shot out to BP yuck mouth in pic 11. I see Trap sporting his own pic for his avatar

          • bigblackdude

            Cooooooold Blooded (SLAP)

  • Twersum @ 5, striped dress at 7 and thick choc at 10..yo hahz i dont see deelishis n this post

  • Red BP Monopoly

    Ayisha Diaz In Pic #13……Lawd Have Mercy!!!

  • treydarealest1

    I see thick ass every where. gotta salute the broads with bad ass bodies with all they clothes on in this post. I see my baby beautyps body in beast mode like always.

  • DCAssLuva

    twerksum and portia lookin phat!!!!

    ayisha killin that pic damn!!! and thats about it the girl in the strip dress phat as hell too

  • Scola

    Best Post of the Summer. The chick Ayisha is a 20

  • Realtalkldn

    Portia hands down. Im liking all these pics though

    • crabapples


      portia, rosa, sophia christina, ayisha… alot of winners up in here.

      as usual rosa takes the sexiest pics.

      portia, send me your address i’ll send you an iphone 4S so you can get your pixels up.

  • Brotha Noompsey

    I’m going for #14….That thing round as hell and pokes out so nicely. It looks softer than warm butter too 14 got my vote.

  • yall deliver…EVERYTIME.

  • desolation

    # 4

  • BzB

    4th row middle pic. she can be arm candy for the day and backshot recipient for the night. nice post overall.

  • downbydariver

    Ayisha Diaz kno she righteous, Elke ugly but phat 2 death & Portia continuously takes that same bull$%# pic…smmfh…

  • treydarealest1

    It mind fucks me me how people get mad over how beautyp takes her pics when she doesn’t take them for web sites to post them LMAO

  • Kaito

    Who is the one in the 3rd picture (yellow)?

  • TYBO2020


  • putuontheposter

    goddamn @ peach leggins

    i need a name, that ass fatter than two midgets in a sleeping bag

  • Larcen

    Stephanie Santiago and the girl in the striped dress(who I would like to see more of) won this post! shout outs to Rosa Acosta, Amazin Amie, Ayisha Diaz, and Deelishis cause they out there lookin straight beautiful! all of them are fine though real talk nice post!