In today’s FAIL news.. 600_Blk posted a picture on Instagram of him smoking weed with his 3-year-old son. Come on black people we got to do better than this. What’s even worse is the fact some of his followers liked the picture. This is sad on so many levels.

  • President Ward

    SMH @Presto

  • jamar

    is this man in jail yet….stupidity is one of your new norms .

  • VonP800

    Shiiid i dont see tha problem i wish my dad would smoke wit me

    • jamar

      if you dont see a problem…youre probably part of the problem.

      • Loved the way you checked -800…Poor kid in pic don’t stand a chance!

      • Mister Mister


        • 1luv

          Yea it’s clear what his mind is going to be on when he is in his teens.

  • LD

    Tragic…someone turn this fool in

  • Realtalkin

    This is ridiculous

  • 513_Cincinnati

    You know he’s going to jail.

  • I don’t see the problem,just putting it public……I don’t smoke with my kids or even in their sight,but weed ain’t never hurt anybody ever…..people should be mad at the meds they give their kids that really mess them up

  • Chris

    You don’t see the problem? The problem is that the child is only four years old. Her brain has barely developed, you idiot. She will have the rest of her life to make the decision to smoke marijuana when she’s old enough. If she’s not old enough to score marijuana by herself, she’s too fucking young. That’s the fucking problem. GOD DAMN, I get so ashamed to be black sometimes… why the fuck are we so ratchet so often?

    Fuck off, seriously.