Father Beat The Black Off His Daughters For Making A Twerk Video

· April 1, 2013

Father punishes his daughters by whooping them with a cable wire after finding out they did a twerk video on Facebook. This video sparks the question.. As a father what would you have done to your daughters if you were faced with the same situation?

Some people are saying he went to far and others are saying her gave them a old school azz whopping.


Nowadays when you upload a video like this to Youtube..

News around the web..

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  1. Cease says:

    He was probably watching a Twerk video and was like “damn these girls are fine, wait a minute”!

  2. Lola says:

    Well that didn’t twerk out did it.

  3. Robbo34 says:

    Thanks to this dad caring, there is a chance these girls will grow up to be black women, instead of n… the alternative.

  4. Jerry says:

    I could never hit a child like that. Whether they tweaked or murdered someone.

  5. Frill Artist says:

    Good. They won’t end up being baby mommas like all their friends.

  6. Frill Artist says:

    He should have beat them on their ass though not their legs. That way they won’t be able to twerk again.

  7. Mister Mister says:

    Mixed feelings. I caught whuppins as a kid & yes, I think it’s needed for kids. But it makes you wonder, these two girls appear to have their father in their life yet still need to follow the crowd, seek attention & such by doing twerk videos….

    • 1luv says:

      It’s easy for a sheep to wonder from the flock without the shepherd leading them.

    • Moor #TC Warriors says:

      Naw I done met plenty sluts that still had father’s in their lives. The key is to keep them busy with sports, school and a job cause idle time leads to nothing but bad things

  8. 1luv says:

    That is a old fashion ass whopping that can easily put the child in its place. The only issue today is that this old method should not be on film. An old ass whopping can be brutal but sometimes it needs to be practice so the child won’t become a discipline nary problem in the future.

    I remember back in the early 90s my grandfather made me get a switch off a tree and whip me until I stop acting foolish. Now days some parents are afraid to whip their child because they might be charged with child brutality. This generation has become weaken because of this.

    • SB says:

      I got plenty of good old fashioned azz whoopins and not once has my mom had to get me out of jail, attend a court hearing yet. I’ve got 4 daughters and I’d do the same thing if it was one of them onteh video. These young girls today need to learn there is no eal success in being a video girl. Being cute and being able to twirk only goes so far, pick up a book.

      I support that father 110%. Those switches I had to pick made me the woman I am today.

      • javs says:

        You had to pick up a switch when you were a little girl? Bu the sound of it your black, so that’s why you were treated as such. My parents never beat me, and I’m getting my bachelors in may and going to grad school. Maybe if you have to resort to hitting your kids, then the parents are the problem not the kids.

    • stankonia says:

      it needs to be recorded and displayed so people can see what the world is really like watching bet brainwashing chidren black children into thinking this al they gotta do in life to make or be famous this needs to be displayed and networked under good parenting i dont care what any1 thinks ive had my whoppins im grateful it made me learn this is wrong and if i do it again ima learn a harsh lesson now if only they displayed a second part ot this video where he sat his daughters down and explain why he whooped them then this would be the greatest video viral ever.

  9. H says:

    That was a lil excessive, especially for the last daughter, but I’m not that much against what he did. Other people are gonna want his head though

  10. Brandon says:

    I agree with this type of punishment 100%! One because this form of punishment works. Two because it puts teenagers who think they’re too old for beatings in their place. However, I will say, making a video wasn’t the wisest thing to do. If you beat your child privately I’m pretty sure the point is still getting across.

  11. magic says:

    Its called being a father I applaud this man and it was not excessive not even close. Imagine yiu walk in an find your to princesses shaking ass and ij front of a camera O shit fuck that y’all gon learn today mofucas

  12. President Ward says:

    Black parents don’t play around true story.

  13. Playboy69 says:

    LMAO!… Two Words = Social Service!….But those girls got what they earned!

  14. Mr.615 says:

    He pulled the cord from the back of the tv for the beating

  15. 2mques says:

    Love the ass whoopin, but why the hell is it on youtube?

  16. 20/20(O.G. Cakes to YOU) says:

    I thought it was a bit much..i dont feel bad for them though some kids are as we say hard-a-hearing..you should now how your parents are(what you can get away with).. i can remember so many ppl getting embarrassed out in public for sneaking out and stuff. they got a licking and kept on ticking..it did not slow them down or stop their fast ways probably made them worse…

  17. Murder says:

    The second one must be the older of the 2 and he felt like she was teaching that s**t perfectly fine a** whooping if you ask me bet they won’t be doing that no more

  18. Ice says:

    Some people doesnt live in neverland and most teenagers tend to rebel against their parents, i dont support violence in any form or shape but sometimes it could be a parent last resort.

  19. Donte_09 says:

    Good all fashion whipping, that is how we grew up. this is how some kids listen and do sh1t right. Don’t know why some people thinks this is child abuse.

  20. ANS_Junkie says:

    Because liberals would rather allow society to suffer from a culture of absentee parenting, permanently, than see a child suffer momentarily from an act of justified parental discipline.

  21. L Boogie says:

    That’s some good parenting right there. Keep those girls from being little sluts.

  22. Fdat says:

    Try talking to your daughters you fu$king retarded sperm!

    • 1luv says:

      Somtimes talking can fall on death ears.

    • Lisa smiley says:

      This asshole probably doesn’t even know how to talk!!He needs to be arrested ASAP!! If white cops would have beat his black ass like that, he would have tried to sue them!

  23. hardcore says:

    He was supposed to do something but this is too much. There are somethings that parents did that were not right. They need to be taught and maybe spanked but beat down is too much! WHY PUT IT ON THE INTERNET? NOW he gonna take a whoopin!

  24. reese says:

    this is what more parents should do. whip they a$$ when they do stupid stuff.

  25. Southwestern says:

    I didn’t even watch and don’t understand putting it on the web but I agree 100% with the azz whoop. I got extension cords and turned out okay. Now we need to see more of this in Chicago from fathers to sons. But you always have to follow it up like my parents did with “I beat you cause I love you.” They need to know that. If their father is an abusive drunk, it’s certainly not the same as a sane, sober father who will go to great lengths to instill proper values in his kids to help prevent the vicious cycle of gun violence, early pregnancy, and inprisonment. We don’t know. Where they live factors in as well. I don’t give 2 sh@ts about the Bible, but it does have a truthful passage: “Spare the rod, spoil the child.”

  26. mayb he put it on the web, so he can start a asz whoppin bussness 4out uf contro teen h’el fucc a kid up lmao

  27. Jackie says:

    I am surprised that so many people are supporting what he did. He could have taught his girls a lesson without using a cable; and he beat, not whooped the second girl. There is difference between a spanking, whooping, and beating. This man is wrong!!!

    • grmnmusl says:

      You must not have kids or your a yankie!

      Now when they turn freaks and have pikinie then what?

      The establishment wants us to distroy ourselves.
      Eroding values, clearly they not mamed or hurt but they got the point! Wake up people..

  28. Savetherace says:

    this is a sad example of the double standard young girls and women face every day. I bet most of the ppl that commented hear not only watch rap videos but also go to strip clubs and pay to see young women do much worse. when boys have sex with many girls they are praised as playas and pimps, but these poor girls are only looking for the attention and gratification that they’ve seen others get through “twerk” videos. Ya’ll should be ashamed of yourselves calling these little girls sluts and hoes. their father probably watches twerk videos and objectifies other ppls daughters. so it’s okay to consume such media but not produce it? or are women only allowed to be “hoes” after 18? this culture is what needs to be examined, not just this man’s parenting skills. I assure u, if he was a real man, his daughters would not be seeking attention and gratification from males in this form.

    • Jean says:

      You sound like a bitter woman

    • A Mother of 3 girls says:

      children are gonna do what they see others do. but the teaching says to do as i say not as i do. so what if he looks at the videos himself. hes a grown man he can do that. no matter what he looks at that doesnt mean its right for his children to do. alot of ppl look at porn is that ok for you to let your children do just because you watch it.

      • stankonia says:

        i agree with mother of 3 half these broads dont have children they just have opinions and the others that do children probably rail road them get what wthey want when they want do what they want . an they think they selves the bes parents alive while there children out having sex and getting pregnant. then they wondering where they went wrong they dont know anything about rearing children proper

  29. A Mother of 3 girls says:

    Im a mother of 3 girls and yes i would have whoop dat azz also. They lucky it wasnt the orange extension cord. if you all saw the video of the lil girls twerking the first thing you all would say is where are the parents. well he showed u exactly where he was. in his daughters lives being the parent he is suppose to be.

  30. sherrah says:

    A man should never hit a woman. This man is teaching his girla something that should never be taught. As far as a good old fashioned
    ass whoopin that is bullshit! Talking and disappointment goes a long way. Shameful!

  31. Yanna Shauna says:

    He should be charged, arrested, and thrown under the jail along with all other child abusers. Do you not understand that what this man did was wrong? What’s wrong with some of you guys on here? Chastising and beating are two different things. Don’t use the Bible to justify this evil cruel act this man did. God doesn’t roll that way. What this man did was not out of love (if that’s your version of love, I’d hate to see your version of hate); he did it out of anger and cruelty, Like someone else said, “He’s a bully” and he can do so because he’s bigger and stronger than her daughters, and because they are his daughters. If you have children, and this is the way you think they should be handled, God help them.

    • stankonia says:

      and you should stop being a whore among whores. i bet you probably dont even know who your father is. you probably some dumb broad who is a stripper stripping at a strip club your dad never whooped you so you didd what ever you wanted. now you got a child and think you know right from wrong. i applaud your ignorance it ammazes me how many whores come to the defense of young whores in swattling. you probably think your a gud christian too i bet. slut

  32. MattM says:

    I applaud him. As a child growing up, my siblings and I got much worse lol. With the way the world is teaching, or not teaching in some cases, he did right. Thank God I don’t have any kids because I would be hard on mine! Good whippings like that kept all of us on the right track and out of the system! They work.

  33. Andrea says:

    He did good, he did real good. I’d let him babysit my kids.

  34. Concerned Parent says:

    He got carried away….He beat those girls with all his might and in anger. Now, they are going to get used to having a man put his hands on them. Those girls where too big for him to beat them like that. It’s called child abuse black people! What kind of example is he leading in front of them? Should they have made the video? Of course not!!! But you should never hit your children with an electrical cord that leaves cuts. He has the right to whip his kids if he sees fight but there’s a way to do everything. He was out of order and probably goes aside their mother’s head too. SMH!

  35. riceroni says:

    He can do it now, or the system/world will later. It’s that simple. There are too many neglectful fathers who could care less and give a crap just as there are too many out of control kids. You think he would’ve reacted like this if those girls would’ve posted videos of themselves on Facebook showing easier ways to solve geometric theorems, or working equations in advanced physics? NO! He’d more than likely reward them handily and show them how proud he is of them. But that’s not what happened here. They posted videos of themselves doing something counterproductive and stupid like twerk dancing and they EARNED the reprimand they got, and he showed them how ashamed he was of what they did, which quite frankly not only embarrassed his daughters but the whole family.

  36. Jinxdog says:

    The beating is only part of the equation. If you sit around watching buty shaking BET videos and expect your girls not to think that’s good you’re a fool. You can beat them all you want you’ve already taught them that that is what a man wants. The boys their age will be more than happy to reinforce that lesson.

  37. stankonia says:

    now this is good parenting and what a fathers suppose to do when he catches his daughter doing a twerk video whoop that muthafunkin azz. all you bitchz sayin its wrong look at yo young dumb and pregnant ignorant azz, its because you aint got no fathers at home to straighten yo sorry azz to put that dont be a whore all your life and get a fucin education whoopin on you that you sittin here tryna judge somebody that care about his kids. sorry females puttin in their 2 cents that aint worth crap. thats why when you have kids your daughters goin through episodes of 14 n pregnant. i kno plenty of females grateful for recieving those kinda whoopins cuz it made them put their life in perspective. but u small minded whores wouldnt know nouthin bout that cuz yo parents aint give a crap bout u bein young n dumb n not knowin which way is up…

  38. Melissa says:


  39. stankonia says:

    sumone …anyone… gett this man to the white house he deserves a parenting medal and a shake of the presidents hand… i aint seen a dad be so dedicated in his life…he probably sat down at the computer getting ready to type up a letter. saw some video of girls dancing open on the computer looked at the door looked behind him looked at the door looked at the girls in the video looked at his daughters outside. 2+2=4 x 6 was the ass whoopin they were gonna get. and he was like how you keep em from ever repeating that shit make a video of it. they wanted to make a video dancing right well they were dancing. call that extension cord. now if only more parents would embrace this philosphy of dicipline. instead of they gonna do what they wanna do they kno better and spend six hours screaming at the top of their voice. and the child lookin like scream all you want you aint gonna put yo hands on me then they turn into teenagers and the minute you tellem they doin sumthing wrong u aint never beat your authority into em so they lik get out my face!! now they yellin bacc you wanna whoop em the minute you do they fight you cuz u always told them nobody has the right to put their hands on em not even you…so go cry in a corner about not knowing what to do. while her friends lookin lik i woulda never done that becuz my parent woulda slugged the shit outta me and i know better…

  40. stankonia says:

    my dad tryed preaching that i dont whoop kids philosphy now i got 6 niece all teen pregnancies before even turning 16 and over 21. you can talk all you want but actions speak louder than words. i wasnt raise by my dad i was swattled by my grandmother and father they put that dont play with me on me and that dont be walking round acting like you aint got no sense. so i got some and im grateful most you ignorant people on here aint got no body that cared enough to put it to em they let yall run wild

    • Refined says:

      Beatings have nothing to do with pregnancy. Girls get pregnant due to having unprotected sex. Not because they were or were not beat with extension cords. It’s high time that Black people learn to rear their children properly. A large majority of the Black American population believes that beating children with objects is an acceptable form of discipline. Despite popular opinion, children who are beaten usually end up in the penal system. That is part of the reason that Blacks make up such a large percentage of the prison population. Please let go of this myth that beating children makes them turn out better.

  41. Lisa smiley says:

    He went waaay too far! I bet he gets arrested! He’s probably an Ex-con!

  42. India says:

    y’all are crazy saying he did the right thing! those girls are teenagers. he could had easily punished them by taking their phones, computers, things they love! how would you like it if u got beat like that as adults? he didn’t do the traditional ass whipping by hitting them a couple of times on their ass. that was abuse and he should get charged for that

  43. ClaronP says:

    Dude went too far. The girls decision did not occur in an instant. Their routine lifestyle–which the Father should have been aware of– and their immersion in the contemporary culture gave them permission to do what has become quite an ordinary thing to do, that is–posting a twerk video. How do you hate on someone for dancing with a loving heart and desire to share their animated joy. Dude went too far. Nothing gave him the right to traumatize his daughters because of what he was feeling.

  44. nunya says:

    Most of you, presumably black, people on this board seem to approve of viciously beating our kids with just about anything you can get your hands on.

    Almost every black person locked up now has received a beating like the “twerk” girls to no avail.

    If the Black community believes that beating the crap out of our kids is such an effective way to discipline our kids, then WHY are Blacks so over-represented in statistics like teenage pregnancy, incarceration, gang affiliation, and high school drops?

    In contrast, white folks who are seemingly less enthusiastic about beating their kids with extension cords, have less incarceration, and higher college attendance.

    Don’t believe me? Look up the statistics yourself.

  45. grmnmusl says:

    Whats wrong with that? A so my fada did beat me when I was outta line. I was wet out shower and naked tho.

    I made it…. World need to go back to the good old days when parenting was handled. Fuckery a gwan!

  46. MsLola says:

    Wow, so many here condoning torture. Yes, torture. I got beatings when I was a kid, and yes, with extension cords, wire hangers, shoes, belts, dowels, wooden spoons, you name it. And do I condone this? NOOO. I remember once while getting a whooping, “This isn’t doing anything.” I was 12 and had the wisdom to realize that a beating wasn’t teaching me anything about the wrong tjat I did, it just made me fear my mother. And did it help my mother understand me? No, it didn’t. I was a child with severe depression, who didn’t do anything she was told because I felt like what’s the use? I’m useless anyway. Did anyone try to understand me by talking, by asking what’s bothering me that I didn’t have any motivation? No, I just got the beatings and bruises, with absolutely ZERO understanding. Talk about stagnant.

    And yes, I believe in no hitting children. And to those who will say I’m a whore with kids out of wedlock, I NEVER did that! In fact, I vowed to myself never to even get pregnant unless I was married, and I stuck to it. I don’t hit my kids, I talk to them, I do my best to understand what they’re going through, from their point of view. As for punishment, I take away their digital toys and priviledges. No going out with friends, no phones, no video games, no Internet, etc. Not even playing outside. Instead, I make make them write an essay on why their misdeed was wrong, and what they can do to not do it again. This is TEACHING, as in a LESSON. They have HOMEWORK, they LEARN why their actions were wrong. And after that, they get their punishment with extra chores, and are on extra curricular restriction for a time that I see fit. And my kids DO NOT FEAR ME. They RESPECT me. They open up to me, and I open up to themj. They are so hurt when I’m disappointed in them, it’s hard for them to even look at me when they do. Violence isn’t needed at all.

    If you feel the need to beat your child, then you have failed to REACH your child. Beatings don’t teach anything. Beating a child is LAZY PARENTING. YES, LAAAZYYY!!! Too g***amn lazy to teach lessons, too lazy to do better, too lazy to THINK. Any idiot can beat a child, but it takes creativity and wisdom to TEACH a child.

  47. Deidre says:

    Hey I got whipped way worse than this. If I did what these girls did my dad would have whipped with a cord too but I would have been bare naked and would have gotten 20-30. You don’t want bleeding welts, don’t dance like a ho on the internet!

  48. Chasman says:

    STANDING OVATION! ABOUT TIME THE WORLD SEES WHAT FATHERS SHOULD BE DOING MORE OFTEN! Oh, I hope I have not hurt the sensibilities of you folks that say..he goes too far. Yes, you are probably right…they should be aloud to provoke as many sexual thoughts about their asses and bodies to the world at large, right? I mean what is wrong with being a whore? Skinned Knees and a Bruised ass will heal and is a small price for a life lesson. A baby out of wedlock, disease, and economic slavery is a much higher price to pay for showing the perverted world “how a sista shakes dat ass”. APPLAUSE GOES TO “CABLE” FATHER OF THE YEAR.

  49. Brenda says:

    Punish yes, but that severe abuse was way beyond punishment. That father does not raise his daughters, he is only there for barbaric punishment when they do something wrong. That, what he did to the 14 year was straight from the hell of Satan. He seriously went way to far and needs to held accountable. My prayers are wirh the 14 year that she heal from this attack.

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