Former teen mom Farrah Abraham had a fun beach day with her (newly enhanced) twins. She recently flaunted her figure during a bikini photo shoot in Malibu, Calif., and at some point decided to ditch the top half of her nude two-piece to really show off her upgraded bo****.

  • Typical white girl frame LOL. She’s busty now so….why not. Smashing

  • President Ward


    • @President Ward, you know you’d smash! LOL

      • President Ward

        @M0311 i rather smash Miley Cyrus.

    • Mister Mister

      I agree….plus she a straight attention whore to the fullest

  • fuuuck..

  • BullnBearHP

    She’s a freak… Her P0rn was good…

  • 1luv

    That back shot is a MAJOR disappointment. The hell with that.

  • 828jeffe

    She has a small frame and her tits are too big now. id hit though

  • shaunyc

    I’d smash, cuz white girls let u TF

  • Cakes(shake responsibly)

    She’s so obnoxious and self-centered. those fake boobs dont help her ironing board shape at all…and any money bet that nose is next to be chopped and screwed

  • no hate


  • RED(Corp)

    Lmao passing like Drew Brees

  • E-Dub

    Ill body white girl. meh.