Fanny Neguesha Got Moves

· June 7, 2013


Fanny Neguesha is a Belgian model with dance moves.

Fanny Neguesha_2240045Fanny Neguesha_01451569

Fanny Neguesha must be the forgiving type as she has given Mario Balotelli another chance on Thursday.

Last month t he A. C. Milan footballer was dumped by Fanny after he reportedly made lewd comments about her, saying the Real Madrid team could sleep with his girlfriend if they beat Borussia Dortmund in the second leg of their Champions League clash after losing 4-1.

However, all must be forgiven, as the couple headed to a park together to enjoy some old fashion outdoor fun in Brescia, Italy.



Mario practices some football skills in the park while his girlfriend watches

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Discussion9 Comments

  1. Playboy69 says:

    I like her better with Dirty Blonde….She is gets the 7.5 Card! Blondes Stay Winning Continues….LOL!

  2. BullnBearHP says:

    she bad…

  3. Big ALbert says:

    Cute girl. I don’t really care for the blonde look though.

  4. Newyorkvixen says:

    She’s super pretty

  5. still118 says:


  6. Cakes(what we doin') says:

    Its fine if she forgave him but get back with him??!? girl get some self respect! he doesnt give a fcuk about her to even think something like that smh… ive never heard of these individuals but fanny looks really thirsty staying with this jerk..

  7. RED(Corp) says:

    She look good

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