Falcons Roddy White Taking Heat Over Gay Tweet

· April 12, 2012

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White is taking some heat in the lesbian, gay, bise*ual and transgender (LGBT) blogosphere for a bizarre series of tweets.

As OutSports first reported, when White was asked by a fan whether he would rather lead the league in receiving stats or win a Super Bowl, he responded:

I have to agree with Roddy on this one. Thoughts?

  • prince_kosmic

    Ok, Roddy, you are starting to sound stupid and ranting for attention. Black men, twitter, and attention-whoring…SMDH

  • Chi Capitan

    That was an unnecessary comparison that really didn’t answer the question that he was asked.

  • DCAssLuva

    da*n players cant say nothing on twitter one of the main reasons why they should be band from twitter

    but its too the point if u say something about faggets thats bigger news than if u say something RACIAL THATS A DA*N SHAME WHY DO WE CARE WHAT FAGS THINK

  • jamar

    does twitter have their own police force…

  • 614

    And these glitter blooded dandelion blowin azz niggaz got the nerve to call their movement a civil rights movement. This world is essentially bathing in sin, and im apart of it, so i dont judge, but dont undermine my people’s struggle with your butt pirateness. Black people are sensitive about every little thing because we as a people went through some real sh!t. next to the jews, the african american man has had it worse than any demographic in history, and it still goes on today(trayvon, oscar, shaun bell, amadu diallo), these pricks get mad whenever they get “cyber bullied” which is a whole nother level of softness, meanwhile we gettin shot, rodney kinged up, dragged by trucks, hit by trucks, and profiled. All they fightin for is marriage. GTFOHWTB.

    • Mike Lowrey


    • Simba


      • prince_kosmic

        “next to the jews, the african american man has had it worse than any demographic in history,…”

        I love your mindset brother, but this is a grossly in-accurate statement. No race in the history of this planet has fell farther than Black people. They didn’t tell us about the Black people (who were also Jews and Hebrews) in Germany, the bi-racial Gypsies,etc., that Hitler either killed or kept in concentration camps. One reason Jews were attacked was because in Germany, they were considered Black/white mix, “impure” Whites.

        • 614

          It’s funny you say that, after I posted it, there was no turning back. No there isn’t any comparison when it comes to the struggle I think they round out at 5.5 million, I remember hearing we lost that many in Africa as well as on the ships on the way over, not to mention what happened after we got here. But i wasn’t even hip to what you said. I gotta look that up.

          • too_funny

            @614 … from what i researched, the low end range is 20-40 million, 50-80 million on the high end with some hitting the 100 million mark.

            @prince … you should only expect to hear our real history from US.

        • BzB

          cosign @ kosmic. blacks are the most persecuted group of people in history.

        • crabs

          @prince i was about to jump on that statement too. blacks have had it worse than anyone, though a jew will try to convince you otherwise.

  • bloggette

    Until this f00l signs his on checks, he better shut the frawk up !

    WTF is freedom of speech when you hating on a fellow human …

    The KKK woulda said the some shit about black people and that sure was not alright !

  • Cold and Hot

    Gay folk call theyself gay so he didn’t say nothin wrong. Let the man have his freedom of speech. I be damn if I live in this country where I can’t say sh-t no mo.

    • Greg4422

      The problem wasn’t that he used the word gay….the text, as stated, insinuated that being gay was an “undesireable” sexual orientation, or something to be shunned. While that maybe his personal perference… I can see how it could be offensive to LBGT.

      Now he certainly has the right, under the free speech doctrine, to say whatever the hell he wants… but “it goes both ways” (pardon the pun) The LBGT community can express how they feel about him, to the NFL, that idiot Roger Goodell) sponsors and advertiser, so his best bet is to apologize and good to rehab….lol

  • slick

    i would put it in the contract no twitter no facebook. you’re asking for trouble when you let athletes do that

  • Nobigurls

    Freedom of speech!! Fuck a fagg

  • crabs

    cats need to realize that as a public figure, your cash flow is tied to the sh1t that you say off the field. that includes interviews, twitter, and everything in between. if you are too dumb to realize that, then you dont deserve the millions you make.

  • CrazedWords

    Roddy White said what????


    This is the most important news I have ever heard in my life. Forget what the government is doing we need to focus on the rights of gays being trampled on. We all know that gay people have no rights!!