The mayor of Atlanta is warning city council members about business interests in Los Angeles who want to move the Falcons to the west coast. Team owner Arthur Blank shared that information with top city and state officials in their discussions about financing a new stadium in downtown Atlanta.

Two council members who met with Mayor Kasim Reed told FOX 5’s Morse Diggs about private discussions the mayor hosted at City Hall.

Reed called in council members one at a time to tell them that the city needs to take the lead in the public financing portion of the proposed open air stadium.

Earlier, Gov. Nathan Deal said the climate under the gold dome would not be favorable for the state to take the lead.

Council members also reported the mayor described Blank as being willing to increase the percentage the Falcons might pay to make the billion dollar deal possible.

The city of Los Angeles has been without an NFL franchise for almost two decades. In 1994, the Rams moved to St. Louis. A year later, the Raiders relocated to Oakland. L.A. remains the largest metropolitan area without pro football, and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell reportedly wants a team in the city.

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    trying to strongarm that tax money. dirty game.

    • BzB

      yup. threatening to go to la so they can scare up some money. that’s some ho sh1t

  • Big ALbert

    I hate when rich people beg for more money.