Using a wheelchair to meet her groom at the end of the aisle, Keasha (Rutledge) Draft married the love of her life, 35-year-old football player Chris Draft, in a ceremony Nov. 27 in Atlanta. Sadly, just one month later to the date, Keasha lost her battle to cancer and passed away Dec. 27.

Video of the couples ceremony and reception shows what an emotional and loving celebration their wedding day was as the bride shares a first dance with her husband, cuts the cake, and tosses the bouquet to guests who hope to find a love as strong as hers.

Chris Draft last played for the Washington Redskins in 2010 but dedicated much of his life to giving back to kids by participating in different service projects including his own Chris Draft Family Foundation, which empowers families to live healthy lifestyles. His friends have asked everyone to send prayers to the families as they grieve during this difficult time. Via AJC

  • Ryu

    Damn thats messed losing someone you care about
    I can relate i lost my grandmother in october

  • TYBO2020


    • +1. He more than likely knew how sick she was but still honored their love by getting married….mad respect

      • queso

        Yea for real. Dam

  • TBM

    Prayers go out to him!

  • matt smith

    Definitely prayin for u man

  • Now that was some strong black love

    • MalleG’s

      Thats what i’m saying, and what @Panicky Pete don’t understand. Despite what he’s personaly expierenced, there are good Brothers out here, I know cause i’m one of em.

      • Panicky Pete

        So he waits till she’s on her death bed to wife her. Sounds like a great guy

        • MalleG’s

          @pete, let me ask you this, how do you treat the women in your life? Your girl, your ex’s, your daughter, your mom? Do you treat them with respect & love?

          • Panicky Pete

            Actually yes. My mom is all I have as far as family. My fiancé and daughter are the most important things in my life. I get made fun of in my community b/c I try to be there for my girl and I don’t talk to other women

          • MoorFedayeen

            Paninky Pete is bitch made, Nuff Said.

            Far as this stellar brother right here, the wheel chair part almost made me shed a tear. The good always go first, which means many of us won’t be here much longer. Pete’s bitch ass gonna live for a 1000 yrs though, fuck em

  • PapiChulo

    so sorry and hate to hear this GOD BLESS , CONDOLENCES

  • Mr Nice Guy

    God Bless you Chris! Way to honor your wife in her last days. Prayers go up.

  • BigBlackDude

    Sad situation, “better to have love and loss than to never have loved at all.”

  • Prayers go out to this brotha, I hope he stays strong through all of this and keeps the faith because this has got to be a very difficult time for him. I’m glad he married her through it all, that’s what real men do.


  • Southwestern

    From what I know of dude, he was a tough azz player and a overall great brother. Giving his girl as much comfort and joy in her last days as possible shows how honorable, respectable, and G Chris is. Hold your head to him and his and her family.

  • prince_kosmic

    Besides the sadness of this story, it is being written as if he was surprised by it. I don’t believe he was. He simply humbled himself to give the woman he loved her last wish.


    some things dont need a comment

    • D’mage

      I agree, bless us all…

  • Tip CHOP $hape

    She’s at Peace with GOD. Prayers for you & your family.