Eva Longoria Poses for the cover of MAXIM’S January/February 2014

· January 6, 2014

Eva Longoria is super se*y in just a white tank top for the cover of Maxim‘s January/February 2014 issue, on newsstands January 17.
Here is what the 38-year-old actress, named the Woman of the Year, had to share with the mag:
On receiving Maxim‘s big honor: “It’s especially awesome after how long it’s been since my first cover. I’ve had a beautiful relationship with Maxim over all these years.”
On rescheduling this interview to present her thesis: “Yeah, I’m getting my master’s degree. I was like, ‘My brain can’t jump that fast from a Maxim interview to a thesis!’ Back in high school I really was the chameleon, too. I got along with the honors math club, then I would go to cheerleading practice, and then I was a band geek as well.”
On her guilty pleasure that helps her unwind: “Cooking. One thing people are usually surprised about when they get to know me is how domestic I am. So when you see the se*y Maxim cover and then you put it against me in an apron with î our in my hair, it takes a moment to reconcile that image.”

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Discussion6 Comments

  1. Mel says:

    Boo…… Sit your old butt down and find a job,,,,

  2. APCOWBOY says:


  3. BzB says:

    when those are the most flattering poses they could get then you it’s time for her to hang it up. not terrible, but definitely yawn worthy.

  4. Afrika says:

    Its called “class” fellas. Don’t lie for a 38 year old she has the body of a 27 year old and her face pretty much does her justice awsell…just because she aint thick don’t make her unattractive to me…she got it and she can definitely get it.

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