There is no need for a translator Brazilian fitness model Eva Andressa shows you the best exercise for your lower body. She would have to work out at a private gym in Atlanta cause she would constantly interrupted by thirsty dudes and women.

  • DCAssLuva

    i think her azz used too be phatter but them tits big in the pic below

    all women with ass!! should workout at a private gym instead of a public 1 teasing niggas im just sayin

    • lazarus


  • lazarus

    Damn, This is impressive. Word. What’s good Wolfpack. Ohio n da buildin. Heat smash Wizards tonight.

    That last pic is fire.

    • DCAssLuva

      u couldnt pay me too watch the wizards well maybe u would have too but too watch them for free hell nah thats terrible basketball dont care who they playing im not watching

      • lazarus

        You don’t want to watch your home squad fam.??? LOL They playin the Heat tho.

        • DCAssLuva

          not a fan of the wizards or redskins iam a lebron fan but im more of a college hoops fan more than anything.dc has alot of fans from other teams in it yall wouldnt believe it lol.

  • damnshame

    That last pic is seriously somthn goin wrong in that last pic..2 many muscles -then som tits and azz thrown on over that…

    Dudes likem half man and half female lookin nowadays…….

  • Wooo she is bananas smh!! She definitely can’t workout in a public gym,she’s a problem

  • MoorFedayeen

    Idk man. Put the weights down before you do anymore damage

  • Y’all remember Rosa Acosta stretch videos?!?!


  • i need this right here. she can bench press me anyday haha.

    • EEKMAN

      LMaoooo I was about to come in and say that as well.


  • tyuaza

    She’s good for now if she gets blonde hair now she’d be great

  • BzB

    nice that she keeps in shape. a lil bit too cut up for my taste. still a beautiful look though.

  • jamar

    gotta respect a woman that aint lazy.

  • hehe

    These Brazilian women keep in shape they hit the gym and lift some real weight. I used to hear, that they where one on the fittest countries in the world.

  • brickcity kid

    ya’ll saying you won’t hit get the gas face…she is no more muscular then a female who runs track. She looks good and I know she is still soft and wet when she ain’t training.

  • uptownrae

    chics who workout stay winning!!!!!

    • Realtalkin

      No doubt she can get it. Love a chick who keep fit

  • Livs

    ass hard like rock

  • NoWhiteINmyCup

    that monkey print sitting nice