Erica Mena has gone from dancing in Chris Brown videos to reality TV star and author.

The girl is on her way up. What many people don’t know Erica is that she is best friends with vixen Cyn Santana. These latina beauties they are the new Latina Heat dynamic duo….

Playboy69 on the assist..

  • President Ward

    Gay sh*t.

  • queso (The Corp)

    Probably smashing eachother….wouldn’t mind hoping in that one.

  • Southwestern

    I ain’t with that gay sh@t but Cyn still one of the finer vixens going.

  • seanjohn100

    that first pic is sexy as fuck

    • President Ward

      That first pic is gay as f*ck.

      • seanjohn100

        and i fucking love it

  • Mister Mister

    Two attention whores doing what they do.

    Erica’s an author? Who knew? You know her book sold wood, same as that groupie Wynter

  • miller

    syn chick got some manly features cant stand erica’s whack ass bitch is not hard bitch i aint forgot about kimbella gettin in the ass season 2 of lahh then called the police silly bitch

  • Pose

    Dunno ’bout that gay sheit.. Too much.

    And anybody can be a reality TV star these days, this aint no accomplishment. FOH.

  • Cakes(crooked smile)

    Miller is right Cyn does look manly in some pics I did a double take on the pic of her in black with jeans..straight tranny status lol..and Erica always looks good the girl is photogenic as hell