Rolling Stone Magazine’s writers and editors decided this week to unleash the big guns for its top 50 most influential hip hop songs issue.

The issue, according to a Reuters story Wednesday will be on newstands Friday and feature four different covers of Eminem, Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z.

“It’s a list that would have been a lot harder to do ten or 15 years ago because hip hop is so young,” Nathan Brackett, deputy managing editor of Rolling Stone, told Reuters.

“We’ve reached the point now where hip hop acts are getting into the (Rock and Roll) Hall Of Fame… it just felt like the right time to give this the real Rolling Stone treatment.”

Songs mentioned in the Rolling Stone hip hop song top 10, as reported by Reuters: Run-D.M.C.’s 1983 track “Sucker M.C.’s,” Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s 1992 hit “Nuthin’ But A ‘G’ Thang,” Public Enemy’s 1990 song “Fight The Power” and Notorious B.I.G’s 1994 hit “Juicy.”

Who do you think is the greatest rapper on the cover?

  • Juice

    Jay Z tho???? Im out

    • WildWild

      We throw Nas in you good???

      • EEKMAN

        Yeah that would do it for me. I think that Nas>Jay-Z.

        However to be completely objective, I think Nas, though having enjoyed a very solid and loyal following for nearly two decades, does not have Jay-Z’s star or brand power and isn’t nearly as heralded as an artist than Hova (whether this is justified or even relevant is an entirely different question).

  • WildWild

    Coming from the midwest I always rolled with Pac’s style, but each can hold they own and a star in they own galaxy.. so congrats to them dudes. R.I.P Pac & Big

  • NoWhiteINmyCup

    PAC AND BIG R.I.P at same time end of discussion , cant put one without the other, Reason i say that is because everyone who is or was somebody in the game now was influeced by the two.

    Tupac is the ELVIS of Rap , not only that but he was also more than a rapper, he was a very good actor as well, just sad he got caught up in that DEATH ROW B.S

    Biggie R.I.P is the precurser to all of the MAFIOSO FAKE BOSS SHiit that you see today FROM Jayz to Rick Ross.

    Bigg was one of the first rappers to make n.ggaz go get bentlys, coogi sweaters, cartiers and talk gang shiit etc, rappers did it before him but Bigg basically made shiit official, bigg made it cool to be ugly and get broads, if bigg said a car was the shiit then it would be the official “it” car.

    Eminem is wouldnt be on cover if he wasnt white.

    Jayz wouldnt be JAYZ without bigg, he shouldnt be considered to be on cover, i dont care if he owns part of a team or not, Russell simmons been doing corporate numbers before JAYZ, Jayz IS top ten rapper but at same time is one of most overatted rappers of all time.

  • Eminem belongs on the cover just as much as the other three. My favorite rappers has always been, 1. 2pac 2. 3000 3. Nas 4. Biggie 5. Eminen. Regardless of if he’s black, white or purple, he has been one of the most talented MC’s the game has seen. And guess what, he doesn’t have to rap about being a Boss or Drug dealer over and over and over.

    • NoWhiteINmyCup

      agree EM is definitely nice , but what i was saying was that if eminem was black then he would be CANNIBUS, the fact that he is white and was picked by Dre propelled his status. Thats just truth homie

  • BzB

    greatest rapper on the cover is at the top right. pac aka bishop is second. hov third. em fourth.



  • Rock

    Eminem, easily. Eminem, Jay-Z, and Pac are in my Top 5 (1,2, and 4, respectively). Never was a Biggie fan. He’s overrated to me. He’d probably make my Top 30, though.

  • Mike Lowrey

    Pac, Big, Jay-Z, and Nas. No disrespect to Em his definitely 1 one of the most to every do but his impact on hip-hop isn’t as big as the other 4. They all have their strengths…..Jay-Z got more #1 albums than Elvis and that’s got to mean something.

  • Birdman202

    This is one of the craziest debate ever look at like this for all the hype eminem receives what has he really done. I have never heard anyone riding around playing him in their car if you can’t get played in the whip then your just house music while on the ps3. Take away deathrow and tupac is not on the cover or in the ball park. Jay made his own way so he deserves his spot. Dre stamped Em so folks giving an auto pass too him plus it’s cool to rock with a white boy who isn’t dressed like vanilla ice.

  • jamar

    the greatest rapper of all time is a matter of opinion…and everybody has one.

  • NoWhiteINmyCup

    you have greatest mc – rakim, eminem, jayz

    greatest lyricist this is a toss up, it could go to either em, NAS, or BIGG, I SAY BIGG becasue he was ahead of his time with wordplay, the boy was serious

    and then the greatest rapper, a rapper combines everything, stage performance, popularity, lyricis etc, hands down that is pac because he trensended many races, he was raised in BMORE AND NEWYORK ON EAST COAST, but is claimed by both coasts, pac was universal

  • 614

    Scarface has had a longer career than all 4 and has influenced them all.

  • SCARFACE!….SMH…..Rakim is the only MC that I honestly say was ahead of his time with word play. Biggie was nice but he wasn’t ahead of his time at all……If we gon go with SCARFACE we may as well throw in Too Short as well. He has a ton of albums. Don’t get me wrong, I like Scarface and Too short. I was born and raised on rap music and I still love SOME of it. Everyone has their own opinion. It’s a good conversation to have. I only hate the criminal facade that’s been implemented in an art that started out as good music.

    1. PAC
    2. 3000
    3. Nas
    4. Eminen
    5. Biggie
    6. Rakim
    7. KRS1
    8. Jay Z
    9. LL just for his first two albums alone and longevity
    10. Cube for owning the game in 1990-1992
    My opinion!!!