Emily B, Cocaine Lorraine, Brianna Bette, Ayisha Diaz, Cat Washington,Brooke Bailey were all out and about recently looking like money.. Who looked the best?

Emily B

Briana Bette

Ayisha Diaz

Cat Washington

Brooke Bailey


Propz Rasheed


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  • Cat Washington wins this. Emily B came close tho. All ladies look good.

  • President Ward

    I got Cocaine_Lorraine & Briana Bette!

    • Moor#BpCoffins

      Same shit @MoorThug said.

  • I’d shaft all these chicks repeatedly! It’s between cat Washington and Brianna Bette. Imma go with cat Washington though! She got bigger tits and she got a$$. Brianna looking good in that pink, but damn it looks like her A$$ disappeared from the side in those sweatpants lol . A phat a$$ is supposed to sit out from the side…especially in sweatpants lol

    • miller

      lol i think brianna really has never had a really big butt just its her thigh game thats crazy

      • Wrong lol. I took that pic wit her bro and the pictures do her no justice. She is so fine n person fellows. I saw her and was like daaammmmnnnn

  • dusty

    props to rasheed he didt it again.

    Cocaine lorraine /brianna bette and emily b plus cat DAAMN DAAMN
    i love every flava

  • lazarus

    @Moor gon lose his mind when he see this, LOL

    I’ma go with Emily, Ayisha and Cat.

    Em’s frame although is enhanced, I’m a BIG fan of thikness and she’s that. LMAO I would swing that around the room like the hammer of THOR. LOL

  • Mister Mister

    Briana Bette looks real basic in normal photos. Like that photoshop & filters be a big help. I got Bria over Briana….

    Far as this post goes, I’m good with Cat Washington

    • Bria over Brianna ???…..ehhhhh I think Brianna has the better face

    • miller

      i think i has to do with the right lighting cause without right lighting anybody is bound to look basic but i have seen her in her videos and she still looks really good

  • cadillacgrease of CorpTx

    Brianna Bette..cause she’s a Cowboys fan..then my secretary Lorraine!

    • Lol thats me n tha pic wit brianna bette lmao…preciate the love guys..checc out my ig @scottwhit

  • queso (The Corp)

    Idk man whateva….. Can’t call it.

  • Old Skool Quote

    Emily B – Brianna – Lorraine —- it’s a 3 way tie u can’t go wrong!!

  • miller

    im going with cat and brianna and what the heck throw in emily she looks good with her recent weight loss

  • miller

    i just cant get with the loraine chick she has pretty eyes and like the freckles but other than that she just not that cute i see willow smith smith whenever i see her

  • Jamie

    A lot of dudes picked Emily B over Ayisha. I agree with that choice too. Pay attention ladies to what most men find attractive. I know most women would of thought Ayisha would of been the #1 Choice. NOPE. She’s very pretty but not #1.

    • miller

      lol huh? Emily look just as good as Ayisha plus her body is real.

  • So no teamchocolate nigga stepped up and mentioned Brooke Bailey LOL??? U niggas got no loyalty to ya sistahs LOL. Brooke probably hotter than most of u teamchocolate niggas main girl/wifey LOL.

    **@mooron voice**..”Imma keep 100 @B, u right!! My girl look like tyrese” lmao!!!

    • Moor#BpCoffins

      That’s just your warped opinion. Brooke over Bette? You smoked a bad one. Bette is much higher quality, more sophisticated.

      #MGC wanna be the best but that shit be complicated.

      • RED(MGC World)

        MGC is the best fool…

        *Looks up at ANS Championship banners*

  • Realtalkin

    Briana and Cat killin this ‘ish in all honesty

  • Big ALbert

    In this post its

    Brianna>Lorraine>Cat>Emily>Ayisha>>>>>>>>>>>>Brooke Bailey ugly azz.

  • RED(MGC World)

    I was about to say look at @Moor in that pic with Briana Bette but then I saw the work id and said that can’t be him because we know he ain’t got a job

    But my choice is Emily B & Ayisha

  • Cakes(crooked smile)

    Emily B be killin’ em!! Cat and Brooke look good as well…Why is lorraine on this post boooooo and shame on you Moor i think you were doing some kind of hype beast experiment but couldnt you have picked someone better?? now we have to see this bish all the time now..

    • RED(MGC World)

      Why you so jealous of MGC chicks @Nocakes?

      • Cakes(crooked smile)

        Lol whateva Lil Red..i know im not the only one who gets startled when they see her pic..ill be scrolling down and then bam! a close up pic of her speckled egg face i dont know why they keep posting those pics of her face like that ish is cute..its not its scary lol

  • Brianna bette is all I see here. That was me with her at the Cowboys vs texans game last week. Lmao. She cool as hell too fellas..thanks for the love sheed but shout me out next time…y’all follow me on ig @scottwhit

    • Did u squeeze that azz @whit?? Lol I know u atleast tried to holla at Brianna!! I would’ve.

      • Lol naw I didn’t squeeze the azz. I was tryna be respectful but that thang was looking right n them pants she had on

    • Cakes(crooked smile)

      You know all this time i thought u were white lol

  • blizzy

    Ayisha and Briana …. shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit that a win for me