Elizabeth Taylor says 'I do' for ninth time

· September 29, 2007

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HUSBAND No. 9 for Hollywood grande dame Elizabeth Taylor may have made his first public appearance yesterday.

When Taylor, 75, arrived on the red carpet for her annual AIDS fundraiser in California, she was accompanied by millionaire businessman Jason Winters, who at 47 is 28 years her junior.

Taylor has been married eight times to seven men (twice to actor Richard Burton) and appeared amused when asked if she would marry again.

“Noooooooo!” she shouted, and then laughed. “Now I’m gonna howl.”

Then she actually howled.

But friends say Taylor is glowing again after a series of health setbacks. And Winters is the reason.

The two-time Oscar-winner recently even contacted Liz Smith, New York’s most celebrated gossip columnist, to gush with schoolgirl excitement about her intended.

“Jason Winters is one of the most wonderful men I’ve ever known and that’s why I love him,” Taylor said.

“He bought us a beautiful house in Hawaii and we visit it as often as possible.” It will be Taylor’s first trip down the aisle since her failed 1991 marriage to construction worker Larry Fortensky
A friend says: “Liz is madly in love with Jason and he feels the same way. It’s taken us all by surprise, but we’re happy for her.

“She didn’t think she’d fall in love again, but since Jason came into her life that has all changed.”
As well as glowing with good health and new love, Taylor was glittering in a coffee-coloured, gold-sequined Naeem Kahn gown.

Her minders said she was wearing more than 50 carats of diamonds, including a gargantuan 33-carat Krupp diamond bought as a Valentine gift many years ago by Burton.

Some insiders claim one of the reasons Taylor is keen to convince Hollywood she is healthy and ready to take the plunge again is because of her secret plans for a spectacular comeback to the big screen.

They say Taylor has her heart set on the part of faded movie star Norma Desmond, in a big-budget remake of the 1950 classic Sunset Boulevard.

She is vying with Glenn Close, Meryl Streep and Barbra Streisand for the role.